Car Spotlight>> Idc Drifting Truck

There were a lot of car events happening in Europe this past weekend, and while most of our Speedhunters team were out in Belgium, working hard to document the Spa 24H race, some of us decided to head out early, so we could make the early morning drive from Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium back to Nurburgring in Germany, so we could check out the IDC drifting competition begin held in conjunction with Recaro Days.

We're certainly glad we did, because look what we found at IDC – a big rig truck cab (aka semi, aka lorry) used for drifting!!! As I walked down to the racetrack, I could hear all the squealing tires, and I could see the smoke.. but I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this big orange TRUCK slide by me! What the hell?! I just busted out laughing; it just looked so funny out there! I mean that in a COOL way! I mean, when's the last time you saw a TRUCK out on the race track drifting?!

Look at the insane massive smoke rolling off the rear tires! Replacing tires in those sizes must be super expensive! I can't believe this truck was out there DRIFTING!!! With tons of smoke too!!!

Seriously, this truck looks crazy!!! I thought seeing a truck cab drifting looked cool as hell, what do you guys think?

Check out the truck as it leans, initiating drift on a corner entry! Both Rod and I thought this was the most original vehicle we've seen at a drift event in a long time… what do you guys think?

-Antonio Alvendia



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LMAO, Those crazy crazy people across the sea.

Ok, now I want to see a drift Grayhouse bus!


That truck is from the LENZ team, they used to have a old Mercedes and a Scania. IIRC the drivers are from the same family and they race in the european championship.

Truck drift isn't really a surprise for me since i've been to Jarama's track ( MADRID ) now for almost 5 years and some trucks make powerslides and sometimes feints trying to drift in the race.


Ah man I had a game for the PS2 that was the super truck ha ha it was so fun drifting them lol...ah good times


No surprise to me - in New Zealand the trucks would always put on a burnout and drift display after their final race (I do have some photos of it somewhere) before the killjoys tried to ban it (track damage). Apparently the tire wear on them wasn't too bad even with such punishment (I heard 1 set of retread racing tires per (albeit short) season).


wow. this may not be something new to some of you but this is definitely eye-opening to me. Now im imagining whats it's like turning those huge steering wheels quick trying to control the drift.


Truck racing is great to watch, particuarly first hand. I saw my first race about 10-15 years ago with various MAN and Mercedes Actros powersliding it around corners. Crazy crazy stuff. It use to get a resonable amount of coverage on Eurosport at the time too. Seems to have taken a back seat a bit since.

Very entertaining


...however, its cool that trucks are now at drift events!


What next? Motorbike drifting?


WOW....look at the size of that turbo!


@Nikolay: Motorcycle drifting already exists! Google "motorcycle speedway" Grass, dirt, ice - all sideways.


Sometimes when I am filming drifting, I am distinctly aware there is a large piece of metal that is hurtling