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I'm sure you have been enjoying all the Japan-related content we have been running lately. I know I have been reading Rod and Antonio's content from Ebisu and am seriously regretting not being able to make it up there with them last weekend. When I read Rod's thoughts on the Japanese appreciation for aesthetics and quality when it comes to car builds, I couldn't help thinking of the VW movement here in Japan, which I got to experience during this year's Street VW's Jamboree in Odaiba. While these vintage Volkswagens are about as different as you can get from the drift cars seen at the Ebisu Natsumatsuri, there is the same attention to detail and love of the hobby that you can find at events like Drift Matsuri . I have noticed this about all the different genres of Japanese car culture. When it comes to cars in Japan, it seems there is a desire for authenticity and an "all or nothing" approach that I feel is often missing in other places. For example, you can bet that the guys that own the VW's in the photo above are not just "into VW's", but live and breathe for them, like how Antonio lives for his AE86's. Otherwise you would not be able to find so many meticulously restored and modified examples like the ones seen above.

As I wandered around the event and saw tons of VW fanatics talking with each other, trading parts and buying old issues of American VW magazines in the swap meet, I almost forgot that I was in the middle of Tokyo, the land of tuned GT-Rs and kei cars.

Although I doubt there are too many people out there who dislike vintage VW's, it really doesn't matter whether you like them or not. It's the genuine enthusiasm that the owners have that makes it so great. And to me that is what being a car enthusiast is all about.

-Mike Garrett



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Great post! What's funny about this, is one of my hardcore 86 friends from Japan now lives in Torrance CA, and he became a hardcore VW guy after he bought one in Cali to enjoy Cali Surf style! funny!


Hey Mike! Why don't you post up all the awesome pictures of the Karmann Ghia's that where there for the non Auto-Otaku guys.


Reminds me of Auto-Otaku again. heheh. Miss that blog.


I had a 1963 Split Screen bus that I was working on as a restoration project but I had to get rid when i went up to univeristy. They are so awesome. Thanks for the memories =)


Yes, more pics of this VW meet! Lovin' the Type 2's in the pic.


Hey, Antonio, it's Chihiro!

Are you talking about me (lol)?

I was kinda 86 guy, but now I'm an air-cooled VW guy and enjoy California life with it.

Though I can't compare which is better or more fun, I can say both 86 and air-cooled VW are really hardcore.

By the way, I'm always looking forward your recent article from Japan, Mike.

I've been in California for 4years without going back to Japan and I really miss my country.

Thank you anyways.


Ahhh so beautiful. Some day I will have a traveling photo studio made with a Vdub van.