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Right now it's August 6th, and I'm in London, typing this on my balcony while looking out at the boats moored to Canary Wharf. Later today I'll be flying to Japan, for my annual visit Ebisu Circuit… so I thought it would only be fitting to post up some AE86 photos from Ebisu, in honor of Hachiroku Day, 8-6-2008!

My good friend Herbrock One from Cipher Garage was the first from our group of friends to declare 8-6 as Hachiroku Day, about 9 or 10 years ago. It was pretty funny, we even started having AE86 meets on August 6th. So while I'm away on my Europe/Japan tour, I just wanted to shout out to all my AE86 friends back in the USA, and across the world… Happy Hachiroku Day!

Live The 86 Life!

Above: Ebisu West Course pit garage with my friends from PEAK – the die hard AE86 drift team from Kanagawa! I love it!!!

MEAN!!! I absolutely LOVE red AE86 Truenos! No wonder, I have a bunch of them myself! Here's two kouki Truenos being dropped off into Ebisu's pit garage area near East Course. I love the stance of the 86 on the trailer, it is sooooo low! The other red 86, I like the wheels alot (SSR Mk II rear and SSR/Modex Dori Dori front), but just not when they're used together.

Beat up and battlescarred, but damn this 86 looks mean! It's a kouki Levin 2 door, with removed front grill, and zenki Levin front chin spoiler, which has been attached so it droops lower than OEM was supposed to be. Love the deep offset RS Watanabe Type R wheels, but it would have looked 100% better if he didn't pull the fenders out like that. Now it looks like he needs wider wheels up front. Also, the rear bolt on fender flare… not a fan. Again, it makes his offset look less aggressive. But I had to post this pic anyway cause this hachiroku looks MEAN!

This 86 Levin is pretty clean considering it's a drift car! I dig the stance and the relatively clean red paint… I'm just not feeling those sideskirts or the smooth fender pull up front.

Okay guys! Hope you like the 86 pics, I need to pack my bags now!

-Antonio Alvendia



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I just dig these pics you took Antonio. It just shows how beautiful the 86 is when in battle mood. Try to post more pics when you get back.


Hey Antonio make sure you stay in london until saturday if you wanna see a cool AE86 at Jdm Allstars in Wembley. Its gonna rock.


I want back


Look sweet ! I request more pictures, and also a wallpaper of the first picture. Thank's

Keep it up !


I'm trying to think of a clever birthday Hachi song because it's such a great word but I've given up lol. It just reminds me of the song they sing at chain restaurants like HACHI HACHI BIRTHDAY FROM ALL OF US TO YOU.... la la la la loll! Enjoy your favorite day Antonio!


Yaaaay HAppy HachiRoku Day...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gyeah! waddup anotonio!...


Happy Hachi ROKU DAY~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!for all the people around the world that rock the hachi roku like it just came off da factory line....i give a hand to toyota for creating the best year n the last year....of the rear wheel drive corolla!!!!!!!!HACHI ROKU LIFESTYLE>LOLOLLOLOLOLOL i dont no wat dat means but


happy 86 day!

but why do you ALWAYS have to talk about its looks and hows it stanced and its wheels,and how YOU dont like it, if these guys put into abuse for drifting ,I understand you want the people in America to understand and learn about how ae86's are set-up visually in Japan but sometimes you get way over yourself

reading this article just totally ruined it for me. and most of your ME articles here ! Your like a fashion critique! youre representing some of 86 side thru the America, and seeing how youre doing it kinda makes some of the 86 community look like theyre just in it for fashion. Never a suspension set-up or motor set-up was thrown. dont take this as an insult , but IM not the only one noticing


Wassup Antonio! sweet pics. Happy 8-6 from all the hawaii hachiroku boys.


Sultumem daytoy butok Antonio


Whatup guys!

I just wanted to address the comment from Marionette vs FNR real quick...

BTW, that's a super dope screen name man! Yeah I totally understand your point of view, but Speedhunters was setup to be a high level automotive site (at first at least) and we dont normally get super deep into specs n stuff unless it's an actual car feature, which this one is not. it's just a selected bunch of snapshots of cars i saw. i didn't look under the hood of every single car or check the suspension of every single car either.

Speedhunters is a site which celebrates car culture around the world, and automotive fashion is a big part of that - cars are setup way differently around the world, lookswise. even if many of the actual parts are the same.

We can definitely go deeper into more technical specs of the cars, I have no problem with that... but this site was originally designed to be kinda high level and not go too crazy techy cause of our readership base. besides, we feature so many different types of cars, and update much more often than many websites out there, we just can't go super detailed all the time.

Look though more of our stories and you'll see more info on suspension and engine setups (car features mostly), but again, let me just clarify... this site is not designed to be a super technical site, it's more about car culture across the world.

thanks alot for your constructive comments though, i didnt take it as an insult at all. i'll try to add some more setup info and specs next time, ok?

Hope you all had a happy hachiroku day! I know I did!

Signing out from Tokyo,



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8/6/08... We're headin for the Silver Anniversary.


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