I came across this video today. I remember seeing it years ago on a big screen and was amazing. Ari Vatanen is now a European Minister of Parliament, but back in the day he was (and still is) one of top World Rally drivers. World Champion in 1981 and Paris-Dakar winner, no less than four times!

Ari also took part in the Pike’s Peaks climb and this video called ‘Climb Dance’ focuses on his amazing drive up the climb in a Peugeot 405 T16. A truly amazing video showing Ari’s skill at balancing the car almost on the edge. My favourite part has to be when he ends up driving with one hand, while shielding the sun with his other hand.

– Andy Blackmore




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I have seen this vid so many times, and it still amazes me to this day.


This is one of the greatest rally videos ever made. The 405T16 is an absolute beast of a car, it was a highly modified version of the 205T16 Group B rally car. It had a Four Wheel Steer system but it is unclear whether Ari was using it in this video.

A great Ari DVD is 'The Vatanen Touch' which follows his 1980 season of the British Rally Championship in a Ford Escort Mk2.

Also if you have time check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwvIRuCLbyg it is Vatanen in an Opel Manta at the Manx rally in 1983. The Field of View helps make this one of the most intense onboard rally videos. At 1:39 he has a 'moment' over a cattle grid.



I guess that link was broken... if it still is then search for Ari Vatanen, Manx, Opel, 1983


Nice find Cole, when you hear Terry Harryman say "good god" I was speachless.....


This is the best vid ever. Such control, the way he drives. Brilliant :)


As Cole says, The Vatanen touch is a great video too. Ari's co-driver at the time was none other than David Richards, CEO of Aston Martin and Prodrive.


Here's another great Group B tribute video,


Loeb won't ever be as good as these drivers, never.


as the comments in the original you tube video says ' Vatanen has five Loebs for breakfast'


[View:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXV3sEH7PU0] I thought I would search out some good youtube Rally