Random Snap>> We Are Now At Spa…..

One of the world's greatest racing tracks… and we have this machine with us….. Went out today to shoot a story about this new car at the remains of the fearsome old Spa track… Check the vintage guardrails left over from the 1970s….

I think I must be a bit of a wimpy driver in my old age. When I was young I think my self esteem was directly hard wired to how fast I drove; however these days are long gone. Driving this car today I don't think I got over 70 kph! I'm lame I know… oh well hahaha.

:Rod Chong



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don't lift at eau rouge!


if he's only doing 70, then don't lift anywhere!


Ahhh yes, new big booty Porsche!!! I saw the concept about a month ago on Jalopnik but it had no light bar across the back like this. I actually did a rendering a month ago of the light bar wrapping around the back because my favorite 911 from around 1996 had it. I was thrilled when I saw this pic. I'll enjoy it even more when Antonio brings one back for me for an early grad present lol. I'll have to show you guys the rendering to prove I'm psychic.


I love Spa, it is one of the greatest tracks in the world. Glad you guys took the time to go and check it out. Especially for the 24hour race