Random Snap>> Vip Celsior


The Toyota Celsior (UCF30) is very popular amongst VIP tuners in Japan, one of those tuners is K-Break. They offer complete body kits for different models including this third generation Celsior. What I really like about this particular car are the old school BBS rims, no fancy chrome 22" rims but nice and classy multi spoke wheels.

-Jeroen Willemsen




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Love it.

So whats the VIP scene like in japan nowadays? When I was in tokyo i saw a whole bunch of them, but they werent necessarily yakuza. Actually i walked on one block by accident and I think i happened to pass a Yakuza meeting. The big boss doods were sitting in hella big toyota century with curtains covering them. The other cars were benz sedans and even a McLaren SLR. All doods in suits and everything. It was hella baller but I made sure to run off the block quick before getting shot! lol


I like the aero kit, but i'm not a humongous fan of the wheels. although i suppose you can't have the same full face wheel on every VIP car. this aero kit looks great on the ucf30 though!


Car sits nice but I definitely don't think the wheels flow well with the rest of the car at alll


I'll always have a soft spot for those BBS multispokes :)


Speaking of Yakuza, every time I've been to Japan, i always get shot by the yakuza.