Random Snap>> Offset Integra


Since Antonio poised me with his ‘offset is everything' motto I keep finding cars with ridiculous amount of camber. These wheel setups always sparks a lot of controversy amongst our readers. It's cool to see people discuss these kind of things and ventilate their opinions on what they like and dislike in a respectful manner.

I know lot's of camber doesn't always make sense, but it just looks so damn cool. The same goes for this front wheel drive Honda Integra, wheels used are a set of J line SDRLM2 in 16×9 all around.

-Jeroen Willemsen

J Line Wheels



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Wow, this car looks really sweet, I happen to like this kind of camber on different cars. Btw, where was this picture taken?


Man thats nice....a lot of people in houston are doing that.


Looks like heyyyitsmikey from ht...his ride is always phat. Phase 2?


Yep Phase 2 :)


Not a fan of the eg'ish duckbill on the rear window. :|

Looks like his Beaks tie bar won't be clearing a lot of road debris. :)



Dude. This car makes me want to buy an Integra! Welll... maybe I shouldn't go that far, but I definitely love this Integra! Best Integra I've seen in a long time!!! DAMN good find man!!


So I guess after few headaches, I came to realized there is gonna be TWO Alex screen name on SP....that's messed up.

Anway, that Integra is good looooking....minus the duck spolier and the mud flaps....

Very clean.


Nah, I don't know. The Teg looks very sweet, even the duckbill is rather cool, but the offset just looks ridiculous.


Exactly! Ridiculously dope! Great to finally see some good offset wheels on an Integra! If your wheels tuck, your wheels suck. =)


i like this kinda look. i still dont like wrong wheels drive car with this much camber just my opinion.


you guys are crazy to not love this teggy. hating on the rarest part of the car..the rear spoiler..in which only 5 were made..and he OWNS them all.



mmmmmmm dish...honestly regardless of the car, when its got wheels with insane offset, absolutely dropped and stupid amounts of camber lol i dont think anything looks as cool really. I think it has something to do with your eye's seeing something and your mind thinking "wtf, thats not possible" lol but from the pic above....it is!! that car has some mint peices on it.


That's Heymikey's teggy, his xB was sweet as hell too.


sexiest DC2 evar


Love the fitment!


always liked this car real nice this car is wat made me get tat rear visor and off set work wheels real sweat


sicc ride. all that u can ask for + more. haha you dont see that everyday. sicc.


no matter wtf everybody says, this car has officially been named the hottest DC2 to grace this planet. Honda Magazine dont lie folks. i have seen this teggy all over the internet more then any honda ever. EVER. EVERRRRRRRRRRR~!!!!!!!!.

ignore the haters, the camber set up is tough. granted, cant technically call that a daily driver because theres potholes everywhere nd scraping ur oil pan is a big problem so u can afford 2 risk it.

MAD PROPS though to everyone tht contributed to this build, in my opinion, this is the hottest honda hands down. and dont show me a piece of shit ricer and try 2 change my mind!