Random Snap>>drifting Kei Truck

The kei truck or keitora as it's known in Japanese, is an absolute staple of life in rural Japan. There is a nary a Japanese farmer around who doesn't use one of these tiny little trucks for their daily chores. I have had the pleasure of driving one of these fantastic machines and I can't say that it was the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven. Then again the cabins on these things are not really designed for those over six feet tall. While the kei trucks were designed as utility vehicles through and through, there a few crazed individuals who have taken up the art of drifting these things. This particular Suzuki Carry is owned by Minkara member "KChan" and has been fully modified for drift used including a roll bar, full suspension, and of course a turbocharger helps send power to the tiny rear wheels.

Maybe I should have added this to the "Drift Weapons" post?

KChan's Minkara

-Mike Garrett

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