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There is no doubt regarding the popularity of drifting these days and there's no shortage of websites devoted to providing photographic coverage of drift events from around the world. One of our most liked and respected sites in this field is, a site which has been providing high quality photos of the UK drift scene since 2001. Starting with the goal of providing a photographic history of drifting in the UK and expanding the following of the sport to a larger audience, Doristars now has nearly 10,000 photos in their collection. Doristars content that spans the course of seven years and includes everything from early UK grassroots events to the latest action in the EDC and elsewhere. While looking through the Doristars galleries, you can watch the history UK drifting unfold before your eyes.

One of the things that really strikes me about the Doristars photographic style is the variation between photos at the same event. The photographers are not afraid to experiment with different techniques and I think this makes a big difference in the overall impact in the photos. To me, this style really helps to bring the excitement of drifting to life. Sometimes looking through gobs of event photos can be a little boring if all the photos are composed the same way and the only thing different is the car in each shot. Fortunately, the Doristars galleries make me want to click on every photo to get a closer look instead of just skimming through them quickly while looking for something interesting.

With that said, here a few cool shots from the massive photographic library that Doristars has.

This photo comes from an early grassroots event. The stock bodied "pignose" 180SX with mismatched 15" SSR wheels just screams "old school". Even way back then you can see the high quality that is present in Doristars photos.

This more recent shot shows good use of a wide angle lens for an action shot. At first glance it almost looks like this shot was taken from another moving car just in front of the two cars in the photo. Very cool.

I also love this shot from a "drift school" event. The car in the photo is the Australian-built Holden Monaro/Pontiac GTO which is sold in the UK as a Vauxhall. All the smoke in the shot helps to convey the power of this modern muscle car.

Here is another grassroots event photo. Besides the fact that the two door AE86 Levin in the photo looks really cool, the photo itself looks great to due its low camera angle. The combination of the car and the background make this photo look like it could have been taken at Nikko or Sekia Hills in Japan.

Speaking of Japan, Doristars also has plenty of photos from when Japan's best came to the UK for the D1GB events. I liked this shot of Yashio Factory Oka-chan's pink S15 Silvia.

This cool shot of a sideways KP61 Toyota Starlet at recent British Drift Championship event also caught me eye. You can really see the driver's expression well.

Another great capture of the Driftworks S14 getting some four-wheel lock during a D1GB event.

Nice work on the details and portrayal of drift angle in this FD RX7 shot from the European Drift Championship.

And lastly, the essence of the dirt drop captured in proper Doristars style. The combination of flying dirt chunks, tire smoke, and body movement make this shot absolutely spectacular.

Go check out the Doristars site for a lot more of this stuff!


-Mike Garrett



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Incredible. It's amazing to see drifting motorsports in other parts of the world. It really seems as if it will become global/worldwide. Can you imagine drifting becoming an olympic event?


Chris Parry's car is THE best looking car in Europe.


The dirt drop is made even cooler with the way the drivers helmet is reflecting too. Very darth vader.


holy crap, the dirt drop pic is amazing.


Chris perry & Phil morrison drifting for the UK.....awesome