News>>lexus Is-f Makes Racing Debut At Mid Ohio

In an interesting piece of racing news, the new Lexus IS-F race car made its debut at this weekend's Speed World Challenge GT Series race at Mid Ohio. The car was built by Fordahl Motorsports and is packing a 4.7L V8 race engine that is makes 510hp. The first car on the team was ready for the Mid Ohio race, and second car should be ready by the next race at Elkhart Lake next month. It is interesting to note that these cars are not part of a Lexus factory team but of a private one. Nonetheless it is quite exciting to see these cars being put to use in a real racing series. I am quite interested to see how the IS-F's will stack up against the competition in the Speed World Challenge GT Series.

Here a few photos from Mid Ohio that we found on the my.IS forums, more info about the cars can be found there as well.

my.IS: The IS-F Goes Racing

-Mike Garrett



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Wow, brilliant!


It is looking pretty beefy in those shots :)


Yah, thats pretty sweet. my only pick is that its not really an IS-F the motor isn't even using an IS-F's motor. from what i read on the myIS forums and another site these are actually Team Lexus's race cars re-skinned with an IS-F shell and using a destroked race motor. so, really its not an IS-F =[ Just like the new GT500 Skylines they aren't really Skylines just shells resembling Skylines.


Nice, I'd like to see Lexus do an ultra hardcore version of the IS-F along the lines of Mercedes' AMG Black series-- wide bodykit, weight reduction via usage of carbon fiber body panels, higher power, etc.


It needs more "canards" if they expect to do well, haha. I still can't believe thats really a technical term. Sorry for my immaturity.


Bobberz, if that's not enough ''hardcore wide bodykit'' for you, I don't know what it is.

I think the above IS-F already uses plenty of dry carbon fiber panels and what not.

Mike....any shot of the engine bay....:-)


I remember reading in a Japanese car mag about a higher performance IS-F-"R" that was supposedly in the works, but I haven't heard anything about it again.


^yah thats awesome problem is that its a reskinned Opel DTM car. =P


Has a tiny Spocom feel to it. The blue doesn't look good. Plus canards would be great! But uh nice car anyway. The future of JDM tuning!