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Months, years, almost decades (well, it feels like it!)  after the concept was shown, the Production Chevrolet Camaro has finally been announced. The 5th Generation Camaro is very close to the concept shown in 2006, which was inspired by the classic  60’s Camaro.

The front end has received a few changes. The lights and grille have been redesigned, while the concept’s air intake above the main grille has been deleted. Rumours are, it will reappear on a high performance version.

The side profile is largely the same. New mirrors, door handles, and the addition of a  B-pillar being the most noticeable changes.

Revised lights at the rear are the main difference. Reversing lamps, relocated in the rear bumper.

Inside, the interior has been toned down for production but still works reasonably well. The retro dials in the console remain, but a more conservative gear shift has replace the cool Aluminium unit of the show car.

The main dials have also been toned down. I wont pass  judgement until I see it in person, but I’m not sure if it really shouts ‘quality’.

Three engines are available at launch. A 3.6 Litre 300hp V6 for the LS and LT models. The SS has the choice of ‘LS3′ or ‘LS9′ 6.2 Litre V8 engines., producing  400 and 422bhp respectively. In addition a RS trim packaged can be added (shown in the GM supplied images)

Credit should go to GM Design for keeping the production car so close to the Concept.

Having seen the Camaro and Dodge Challenger Concepts at various shows I think the Camaro just about has the edge, but its a close run thing. The Camaro is a modern interpretation of the 1st Generation Camaro, whereas the Challenger is just a little less modern, and more ‘retro’.

Now the Challenger and the Camaro are in production, Ford are busy updating the Mustang, ready for an announcement towards the end of the year.  The Camaro will go on sale in the early part of 2009. The Convertible will follow in 2010. The Camaro will be built in Ontario, Canada.

However, is history repeating itself? The original muscle car boom died in the 70’s with the fuel crisis. Will the same happen this time around?

Photos: GM

-Andy Blackmore

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If anybody is looking for a left nut...mine is for sale cuz i wanna buy this beast


When the base model comes in at 300hp, it's likely that the vehicle will see fewer sales due to the fuel situation. Since it took them half a decade to bring it to production and the Mustang is on it's second run, you'd hope they could have done something to combat the oil situation. It'll be cool for a while but I don't think the design speaks well to longevity but my opinion doesn't much matter since I don't have money to buy one anyways.


True. Its taken so long to bring out since the public were made aware of the concept, that it may not be seen as a fresh model as many are use to it. Over-exposure. Car companies have to be very careful with retro niche models. Think about the 300C, Beetle for example, sales dived a few years in.

There were rumours a while back that a smaller engine ( 4cylinder 2 or 2.5L Turbo) may make an appearance in the future. It would help GM's CAFE rules


That's what I was thinking, My friend Heather spent a few years as an intern at Chevy setting landspeed records with an Ecotec that was turbo'ed and running on Ethanol. I think it's a matter of pride, They don't want to stuff a 4 banger in there because it would be like a really strong guy at the gym who isn't chiseled. Yeah he can lift more but he doesn't look as good with a fake tan and baby oil lol. A 4 cyl makes sense to me but we shall see.


I suspect they will quietly release the 4 banger. for those reasons.


I like this car a lot more than the prototype oddly. I found the prototype to be way overstated. This has more of a refined feeling in my mind.




That is a great looking car. Hopefully you will actually be able to buy one at sticker price.


awesome news that it's being build close to home here in Ontario! i'm not much of a domestic fan, but i like fast cars of all sorts, camaros and corvettes are a bit of a soft spot for me ;)


An American revolution according to Chevy in the US...Yeah, right. More like Canadian and Austalian (based on Holden Commodore platform - chassis name escapes me)


Dude, I LOVE the Camaro! I'd love to have one in Orange! Especially with the white/black interior option!!! But yeah, gas is an issue. Too bad they couldn't make a fuel efficient, fast Camaro. Oh well, at least tune it so we can use the cheap 87 gas!

Oh and BTW... Pat, why are you talking about chiseled, tan guys at the gym looking good with baby oil?! LOL


Yeah, a 2 Litre Camaro isn't going to set the world on fire is it LOL!

btw- only the small engine can run on 87 LS3 and LS9 need premium


Antonio, haha I think the awkaward comment about tan chiseled guys with baby oil stemmed from my roommate telling me about his "cool new, Jeep Patriot" that's on it's way. Hopefully the power windows are on the center console for awkward man moments. lol