New Cars>> Enjoying Germany In A Porsche 911 Gt2

As some of you may or may not know, certain members of our international Speedhunters team are currently traveling through Europe. While we have been keeping ourselves extremely busy tailgating people around the Autobahn, meeting new friends, eating at new places, visiting legendary race tracks, driving cool cars, and searching for drinks that actually have ice in them…

We realize that we still have a responsibility to update the site with photos of our adventures. Tonight after dinner, I somehow persuaded our esteemed colleague and master photograper John Brooks to put his German draft beer down long enough to transfer some photos from today's adventure to my laptop. It's really late in the evening, and we need to wake up very early to drive out to another race track… so I guess I'll just post this teaser photo from today's exploits.

Today, while most of my friends in the Los Angeles area experienced a powerful earthquake, I spent my day at the race track, experiencing a powerful car. To be specific… the most powerful Porsche 911 available for street use – the Porsche 911 GT2.

And why am I standing right there next to the car as if I'm a bad ass or something? To be completely truthful… being behind the wheel of a 911 GT2 and experiencing all 530 horsepower honestly makes you feel like a bad ass, I won't lie. What an incredible car. Seriously.

-Antonio Alvendia



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I'm so jealous. I spent the day picking up my apartment because of the earthquake. That car is sick.


....yup add me to the list of jealous dudes that only get to look forward to a '98 Toyota Tacoma! Well not today son! I get to drive another media car home for my 24 hour booty call. 350Z is on the menu tonight. Bring me back a magnet Antonio. Have fun pimp! Tobs -D Sport Mag/Schikane Co.


chuh, what a useless post.


Like I said, my Cayman will have to do for now. Hahaha.


wow.... im So NOT jealous... Today I got the privileged of taking my wife's 2000 Volkswagen Cabrio to the gas station and Blockbuster. Im sure I looked super bad ass and not queer at all.


It's a nice change from that fixed gear you've been riding in San Fran with your boyfriend. lol, I'm at a loss for words to attack you with to satisfy my jealousy. So I will just say I'm glad one of us got to drive it. I hope you unloaded it on the track, I would have, I'll be in college debt the rest of my life, what's another few hundred thousand. Congrats homie!


how does it compare to a hachi


PatDaly: NICE! We were just talking about maybe adding you to the Speedhunters team, but you can forget about that now! LOL fixed gear bikes. You have no idea... I found a Porsche over here which has your name on it! But again, you can forget about seeing those pics now!

Adam: Hmm... how does the 911 GT2 compare to an AE86 GTS? Well let's see... in the GT2, you can do a 0-100km/h sprint in 3.7 seconds... whereas in an AE86, you can do 0-100 in 3.7 minutes. (But as long as you had 8J wheels or wider, and lots of negative camber up front... at least you'd look cool doing it, hehe!)


DAMN! Nice car Antonio... must have been a ride of a lifetime.


Your stance is a good representation of how big your balls have to be to drive one of those things. Respect due... =)


One a scale of 1-GANGSTER... that photo is pretty much off the chart!


Antonio- Alright alright, you win this one. LOL. Can't wait to see all your shots from over there, I'm pretty sure my Passat would fit in better over there. Some evil woman slapped a car magnet on my car while I was in the grocery store this week that said "Out of a Job Yet? Keep Buying Foreign" I had just washed my car real good and thought it was a bumper sticker on my car and I flipped out lol.


Hey Andy Sapp!!! Dude I spotted this big ass piece of graf on Nordschleife today that said SAPP!!! About 10 feet away from that was a big ass BMW Roundel emblem! No joke!!! I should go back there n try to take a photo for you man.

PatDaly: LOL that's a funny story man. Thats what you get for living in the Dirty D!

I'll update with more pics of our fun with Porsches very soon! It's honestly just so difficult to sit down and edit photos and write blogs when I could be out taking photos of cars and Germany! But here it is, we bring it to u live! haha


Man Antonio....thats the should bring that home and lets go to cracker barrell


Great aesthetic like always Antonio!


Slap the Cipher Garage sticker on that!


Antonio, you can stand next to a 1993 Tercel and make it look bad ass.


HAHA!!!!!! thanks guys. dude the GT2 is soooooooo fun to drive! this was just a preview, i'll be posting up the full story later! but right now I'm at the 24H of Spa race in Belgium!

Brady: damn..... I love the turnip greens at cracker barrel! and the arnold palmers at roasters!

Yukio: hmmmm... i dunno man. i dont think anyone can make a 1993 Tercel look bad ass just by standing next to it! haha


Just whip out your penis, and you'll look like the _ultimate_ badass. Tercel or no Tercel.


What a poser....

If I have to list all the exotic that I have driven...

But I realize, there is no need to...


I guess I am a poser, Alex. I didn't list out all the exotics that I've driven, just one of them. I'm pretty sure you're keeping it much realer than I am.

Best wishes from Spa Francorchamps,

Antonio the poser.


Maybe my comment sounded a bit too harsh for ya....what can I say....

I log onto this site to check out cars....not a kid posing in front a GT2 thinking he's The Stig.

Honestly, I don't need to know what you're all about Antonio (you can keep that stuff on myspace).

Again, don't take it offensively. I care about cars not your life style....