New Cars>> Enjoying Germany In A Porsche 911 Gt2

As some of you may or may not know, certain members of our international Speedhunters team are currently traveling through Europe. While we have been keeping ourselves extremely busy tailgating people around the Autobahn, meeting new friends, eating at new places, visiting legendary race tracks, driving cool cars, and searching for drinks that actually have ice in them…

We realize that we still have a responsibility to update the site with photos of our adventures. Tonight after dinner, I somehow persuaded our esteemed colleague and master photograper John Brooks to put his German draft beer down long enough to transfer some photos from today's adventure to my laptop. It's really late in the evening, and we need to wake up very early to drive out to another race track… so I guess I'll just post this teaser photo from today's exploits.

Today, while most of my friends in the Los Angeles area experienced a powerful earthquake, I spent my day at the race track, experiencing a powerful car. To be specific… the most powerful Porsche 911 available for street use – the Porsche 911 GT2.

And why am I standing right there next to the car as if I'm a bad ass or something? To be completely truthful… being behind the wheel of a 911 GT2 and experiencing all 530 horsepower honestly makes you feel like a bad ass, I won't lie. What an incredible car. Seriously.

-Antonio Alvendia