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Ever since I started getting involved in racing, I always turned to automotive magazines to teach me about preparing my car for racing. However, not all car magazines on the newsstands actually teach their readers about real racing! This being said, one of my favorite "real racing" magazines is Grassroots Motorsports, aka "The Hardcore Sports Car Magazine." I've been reading their magazine ever since I first started getting into cars, and one of the reasons why I liked GRM so much from the start, is their magazine is focused on autocrossing and road racing, as well as project cars you can actually build with real life budgets!

This month's issue seems to specialize in the Ford Mustang and its involvement in motorsports, so I thought I'd write a quick story about it, as it relates to alot of the muscle features we've been doing lately.

They have a pretty cool story with cool photos about a new road race series for Ford Racing Mustangs, and I dig the photos of all the Mustangs on the track together.

Ever wonder how each special edition Mustang stands up against the others? GRM did a special comparison study. I haven't read it yet, but it looks pretty interesting. Wouldn't it be cool to see this done with EG6 Civics or Nissan S13s?

Here's a photo of the cover if you're interested in picking up a copy. They're still on bookshelves now, from what I've seen in my local bookstore.

-Antonio Alvendia

Grassroots Motorsports Magazine



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Talk about Deja Vu. I was just in the garage working on my S13 for a couple hours when I took a reading break and poped open my GRM. You're right Antonio, its a great publication and it's my second favorite only to Sport Compact Car.

This latest issue is good, but the one before it was great. It covered the spec miata series and how the pros/front of the pack get a lot of flack and get accused of cheating in a spec series, when it really only comes down to knowing how to set up your car and learn hot to drive it.


0-60 Mag and Grassroots Motorsports rule. I haven't been able to stomach a SCC in years. I try every 6 months or so though.


SCC is based around Souther California, they drive at the tracks I drive at and talk/test the cars that I own or would want to own so I can really relate to what they write about.

I've tried to read Import Tuner, Modified Mag, and Super Street but I find their writing style to be not of my liking. I honestly wonder if Import Tuner is written by high school kids. Modified and Super Street are better than IT but SCC is just right for me.


GRM is a great read and the only car mag I subscribe to.


Alonso, I feel the same. SCC is a good reading among all those JDM-wanna-be mags. True tests/ results with no frills.....only the essence of motorsports.

Another really good mag I read is Racecar engineering ( and Race Engine Technology (

Those two are a bit pricey, but worth every penny if you wanna learn something.


Don't be confused, Grassroots Motorsports follows the same formula that all the other magazines follow: Push the advertiser's product. You will never see any product discussed or featured in their magazine that does not have a $5,000+ per month advertising contract attached to it. Worse yet, I have personally been on the receiving end of their "wrath", meaning that if you stop advertising with them, they will publish claims that your company is no longer in business! Sorry, but GRM rates right up there with Turbo, Sport Compact Car, and Import Tuner, the edges cut your bum when you use them to wipe, and they are, therefore, completely and totally worthless.