Eye Candy>> Girls Of Fd New Jersey

Time sure creeps up on us quickly! It's almost time for Formula D Round 4, which will take place in two weeks in the searing heat of Las Vegas! So today as I busied myself trying to reserve golf carts, rental car, and getting the info for the Formula D host hotel, I felt it was only fitting that I post up some nice motivational photos to give everyone one more reason (other than watching awesome tandem drifting battles at the exciting event) to look forward to Las Vegas… and well, since I don't gamble (budget baller over here), and I don't have any photos of buffet lines, here ya go… some eye candy from the last Formula D event we went to!

Above: As CJ looked back over her shoulder to flash me the award winning Colgate smile, I could hear random guys standing behind me said "damnnnnnnnn" under their breath. Agreed!

I wonder if the rear-facing camera onTanner Foust's 350Z was recording while I was shooting their model?

Eri Moriyama is so gorgeous and sweet when she's signing posters for the fans, it brought a little tear to Lacie's eye – not surprising. Extremely surprising, however… was when this particular fan turned around, it was a guy! Whoa!

But man, I think Eri looks so beautiful in this photo! Cho kireiiiiiii yo.

When my good friend Kelvin Tohar from Toyo Tires prompted her to stand up to pose for my camera, Toyo's new model must have thought it was going to be a quick 5 second snapshot. Sorry, not with me… I take a little longer when I'm taking photos of women, because I always pay attention to the minute details like the light, the background, her pose, her facial expression, her hair, and how to better position her body. She wasn't expecting me to make her work during this shoot! Haha! It's okay, I think the attention to detail matters. To me at least, and that's what counts!

It was funny watching D-Mac do a quiet "golf clap" when the other Top 16 competitors were being announced. Such a classy lad! Speaking of classy, I think Lisa Angeline looks very pretty standing there next to him!

All these photos make me hope that Speedhunters will have a budget for trackside umbrella girls for the photographers next year! That would be awesome!

OMG. Pick up your jaw and just right click to save it already. You're welcome.

Here's Caroline from Apex'i.

These girls gave me their phone numbers, but I can not find the piece of paper that I wrote them on. Damn.

This photo just makes me laugh!!! This is Connie, the model for the 0-60 Magazine booth. She is really funny, but she got soooo mad at me when I accidentally called her Caroline (hell if I know, I can't keep the names of models straight) but see… I did actually meet a girl named Caroline (see Apex'i girl above) just 20 minutes earlier, so please don't get upset when I can't remember the names of all the models. After a while, she calmed down enough to pose for a pic because she wanted to be on Speedhunters! So my boy Rob and I directed her on how to pose, using the bullhorn I borrowed from the EatSleepRace booth. Haha! As I shouted random instructions on how she should pose from behind my amplified bullhorn, Rob was on the golf cart beside me, dying of laughter.

Made me feel like Vince Vaughn for a minute! Come on! Every guy wants to say the stuff that Vince Vaughn says – he's a genius!

See you in Vegas!

-Antonio Alvendia

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Eye Candy on Speedhunters>> Formula D Atlanta Umbrella Girls

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hahaha, is that CJ Gibson on the very top?


Thanks for the AWESOME shots, Antonio!! It was great to see you guys :)


yes it is Tom!


Lisa mentioned coming here so I stopped by to check it out. These are some great photos and the girls are absolutely beautiful!


my favorites were the last 3 pics. how i miss jersey girls ! long story


very nice!


great topic for photos Antonio


u crack me up with ur words, antonio! lol


I wonder what mods they are running? =P


OMG the redhead in photo #4 and the cutie in the last photo are amazing. boobs FTW!


Hey your trusty assistant DEFINITELY would not have lost those phone numbers!


Thanks Antonio!! love your words..and Colgate huh? whatcha got against Crest? lol


Vegas will be a blast, sux I can't be there! :(


CJ: What?? You're not going to Vegas? Forget it then. I'm not going either.

Felixxx: Damn, I know. You should have gone to NJ with me then!


Thank you Antonio for the post up. Great Job Falken Models. Always representing with the white clean smile!

Have you guys ever notice, Falken models are always ready for Antonio 10 min. per photo. Pose No.SIC WAN NINE!


whatever joyce! good photos take time! and i take my time with the falken girls because i care... otherwise, i'd be posting some wack pics of the girls with half smiles, blinking, with hair in their faces and horrible backgrounds! i know you love the photos i take of the girls! next time send some girls to hold an umbrella over ME! sheesh, at least the drivers have shade inside their cars! LOL


Funny how there are pics of chicks, and all of a sudden, 15 replies.....lol

I'll give my .02 here:

As much as I love chicks like these.....they don't belong here. I do not like the fact that they ''try'' to take the spot light away from the real matter, cars, and motorsport.

Like I said, don't get me wrong, I do like the sight of girls like that.....but not at cars events. I am also really tired that this business called motorsports allows so much slutty-girls around.

I give you an example. I pick up a given American import magazine, and what do I find in? A girl with fake boobs and a mini.....and an interview about her....who the fuck cares? fucking lame. I picked a magazine from the shell because I want to see cars, NOT self-promoting girls....or like they say: ''talented girls''.....if all it takes is a sweet smile, some fake tits, high heel shoes, and a very outgoing personality, anyone can do that.

On the other hand, if you look overseas (Japan), those umbrella girls are NEVER found, and interviewed on any of those Japanese tuners mag. (Option, Option 2, RevSpeed, HyperREV and the like)...that's the way it should be.

If I want to see skanky girls, I'll go to the club or pick up a porn mag.

Too bad that this type of scene is a normal thing of nowadays cars-events. Lots of kids floak for the girls and their fake smile (we all know that all they want is to be an Hollywood start).....isntead of the cars......HIN is one of many.

(BTW, I never seen Mike Garrett going to Tsukuba and posting up pics of chicks like that)...thanks for keeping it real Mike....).


Alex, you need to listen up.

You always like to stir up controversy on Speedhunters, and don't get me wrong... We do enjoy reading your comments, and we like the fact that you take the time to give us your .02 cents, which sometimes turns into 2 dollars... I personally am GLAD you post up on Speedhunters, but sometimes I personally think you need to take a moment to chill out and THINK before you type. Lately you've been the No 1 finger pointer, claiming things are lame, not keeping it real, or people are posers... but let me drop some knowledge real quick. Peep it.

1) Umbrella girls at drifting events became popularized in Japan first... and even though you claim that so-called Japanese tuning mags don't feature umbrella girls and models, they do. i have 2 whole huge ikea bookshelves of Japanese CAR magazines which show photos of umbrella girls and use girls in their editorial. so don't claim Japan doesn't do it - they're the ones who INVENTED and merchandised the whole umbrella girl craze, and they have magazines, books, and DVDs focused on this subject matter, like Gal's Paradise and whatnot. So your statement of how "umbrella girls are NEVER found and interviewed on any of those Japanese mags" is false.

2) Alex, I do agree with you about some American import magazines. You are totally right about some of them and I agree SOMETIMES... but come on. Don't play me out like that. The photos I take of these girls are NOT that style. My pics don't portray the girls like that. (Well, maybe the last two... HAHA but that was more of a joke than anything)

3) Honestly, it's cool that you have your opinion, Alex. I respect that you have your own opinions. But I think you seriously need to ease up when you're using Speedhunters to be disrespectful to other people - whether those other people are import models, umbrella girls, Jay Bryan, Kent Chen, myself, or anyone else.

The people that you're pointing fingers at and accusing of being "posers" and "slutty self promoting girls" and whatnot... you may think it's okay and no big deal, because you don't actually KNOW these people.

However, I DO NOT think it's okay to point fingers and wrongfully slander people on Speedhunters. And I'm also saying this because I do know most of these people personally, and they are my good friends. It's okay to have an opinion, but watch what you say on public forums like this - you're just playing YOURSELF when you call people like Jay Bryan "posers" (couldnt be further from the truth) or girls like the ones above "slutty self promoting girls." Honestly, I'm very good friends with the Falken girls and several other models in the industry... Eri, Joyce, CJ, Courtney, and the rest of them are my personal friends. I go out with them even when there are no Formula D events or HINs happening. I know their personalities very very well, and you couldn't be further from the truth by grouping them into that negative image of import models. These girls work hard, show up to events on time, act professionally, and are responsible... which is how they got into the positions they're in. They aren't just some sluts from off the street. I've been traveling with some of them for 4 YEARS so I really know their personalities well. So please, just watch what you say. Especially about these people.

4) Alex, we are glad to have Mike Garrett as an integral part of the Speedhunters team because of his dedication and knowledge, and we agree, he does keep it real. Alex, I don't know if you've ever been to Tsukuba... I have been there. Perhaps one reason why you might not see any girl photos from Tsukuba is because hot females hardly ever go there!! Mike does have some great photos of the models at D1, and we didn't see you hating on those.

Anyways, my point is... have a nice cold drink, relax a little, go hug a loved one, and try to be a bit more positive! Turn that frown upside down!

As for myself, I do enjoy traveling to racetracks all over the globe to shoot photos of my favorite cars. And I am a red blooded male, so I do also enjoy taking photos of the umbrella girls at these events. So what's the harm in that? Does that make me less of a photographer or a hardcore automotive journalist? I don't think so.

"I don't need to brag how real I keep it, cause it's the best secret"


Ah man. Yeah the only girls I see at Tsukuba are drivers and the course workers that give me free tea when I'm taking photos!!

But like Antonio said, some Japanese people are borderline creepy when it comes to race queens and campaign gals. Haven't you seen those race queen body pillows or heard about all the strange dudes that come to Auto Salon ONLY for the girls and not for the cars?

I do agree with Alex about doing interviews with models in car magazines. That is something I never really cared for.


I am really sorry if I offended you personally Antonio. It was not meant to be directed to you, seriously. I LOVE, absolutetly love your pictures as far as quality and professionalism, as much as Mike's work.

What I stated, wasn't especially directed to a particular girl (umbrella girls or what not)....it was directed at the fact that the tuning scene in the US turned out like a clown show in a way. Many businesses feel like that adding (read, bringing) girls into the scene will promote the sport....and more people show up at any given evets. Sadly, it turned out to be true. I'm very sorry Antonio if I noticed that many of your friends used myspace to self promote themselves.....again, sad but true. Why ? (just using an example)....girls like Dawn Jaro and her sister Justine have over 20,000 ''friends''....why? I'm sorry if I believe that this type of media-comunication is fake....and it shows in people that are in your business....it's fake....and it's sad....

Myspace, juzst to give you an example got twisted by some people that manipulated in the wrong way. Some people use it wisely, some don't. I was compelled to say what was in my mind....and no, I was/ am not angry, or had to take a chill pill. I am disappointed that those type of girls are taking away the spot light from people that actually deserve it. (drivers, mechanics, organizers, tuning shops and so forth). The import-tuning scene does not need girls like that.

Don't hold beef about Jay Bryan or other folks. You don't have to defend them.....if you feel I stepped outside the bounderies, and don't want me to post anymore on SP....just mail me privately (discussing the matter between the two of us)....and if you don't want me to post anymore to SP....let that be....

I have never said, your pictures are sleazy or not appropriate. I said that it's sad that unfortunately those girls took the spot light from the sport, motorshow and cars in general. Some companies in the business know that girls on bikini sells AND promote....like I said, if I wanted to see some 'extra' skin, I would go to a strip club, not to a car show or a drift event....let's not twist the meaning of umbrella girls.

As far as your comment about Japanese umbrella girls....Antonio......seriously, please......they are A LOT less shown....A LOT less shown.....I HARDLY ever seen a umbrella girl on magazines like Option. How about RevSpeed? Yes, there are, but are very very seldom and most of the time those interviews are ''special editions magazines''.

You seriously shouldn't be offended by the comment I made earlier, they weren't directed to you. I wasn't comparing Mike's work vs. yours. I said: ''thanks Mike for keeping it real because he focuses on cars, and that's it.'' I am very sorry if I am opinionated....but I honestly don't care to see a girl that squeezes her boobs and has that vote-for-me smile on her face....like I sad, those girls would rather be actresses in Hollywood....if they could.

FYI, have you ever read an interview on D Sport magazine ? They are all the same for the most part....so I'm sorry if ''your friends'' are like that.....

Yes, I do love girls, but not in this environment.....umbrella girls than hold the umbrellas are just that. How many times have you heard or seen interviews of umbrella girls that work in the F1 circus?

Watch how many times Keichi Tsuchiya puts on the spot light Kazumi Kondo...rarely....

On the other hand, when Best Motoring organized the Touge 3 at Button Willow.....they hired Bobby Billard....not exactly a figure that fits in, now does her?.....let's be honest Antonio...those girls, they just don't fit in.....let's not fool anyone here....at any HIN show, all they do is signing autograph, show some skin, dance, and take pics with their fans......WTF....what do they bring to the table? What do they do for the sport?....


One last thing Antonio.....maybe this guy is too opinionated:


......maybe you know him, maybe you heard of him, maybe people don't like him because he speaks his mind and in doing that he offends people, or maybe he's your friend, in which case, he's ''allowed'' so to speak and to talk that way.....but I am glad, I am not the only one who think the way I think.

BTW, the way I conveyed my ideas about self-promoting girls at car shows...it's not nearly as derogatory as this guy comments.....so, if I stepped on someone's foot (not yours)....don't feel obligated to defend their position....I'm sure they're mature and can speak for themselves if they need to.

If you don't like the way I express myself....just shot me an email, and I will be more than glad to talk about it. No hard feelings.


Hey whatup Alex!

All good homie, we're all good. Don't even trip. LOL I can't believe you mentioned "da truth!!!!" man my friends and i who work in the industry were seriously racking our brains trying to figure out who that guy is!!!!!!!!!!!! it's CRAAAAZY!!!! he posts some crazy stuff, let's just say i dont think i would do it personally, but that guy posts some pretty funny stuff sometimes! LOL i wish i knew who he is!!! he's like the import version of shepard fairey (obey) or something like that.

BTW, about umbrella girls in japan... dude i do still think they feature them alot. ALOT. like the D1 "d-sign" girls, and kazumi and all them... option was blowing them up for a while!!! as far as option magazines, i honestly cant comment, i dont think i've bought an option since like... 2000 or 2001. i focus my japanese magazine reading to nostalgic japanese car magazines or drifting or vip mags. i didn't see the Touge 3 at Buttonwillow, so i didnt know anything bout it until you mentioned it. I don't know who that Bobby chick is anyway...?

I haven't read any interviews on D Sport Magazine yet, cause I'm still waiting on my homies who now work at D Sport to hook up the magazine subscription *AHEM!!!* LOL

And BTW, i wasnt trippin on what you said about Mike at all! By all means!!! He's a core member of our Speedhunters team! Which means, we think very highly of him and his work obviously! He DESERVES props! Otherwise, we wouldnt have even hit him up for this project! Mike's knowledge and work is top notch! =)

Anyways, it's all good. No hard feelings at all, we're just a bunch of car fanatics who KNOW what we like. Alex, if you met me in real life, you'd know I'm super opinionated on certain things too. (wheels, car style, etc) but I have to calm it down a bit on Speedhunters cause it's a public site! So it's all good, we love that u post up alot! I was just asking u to pls try not to disparage any people in particular! OK! cool! On to the cool cars!!!


Antonio....I really appreciate your honesty and openness.....I seriously do have to watch my language and shut my mouth sometimes....I am a car whore, a fanatics, it's more than an obsession, so anything that gets in between, it's a battle....lol......and I only see my way, which is wrong....someday, I will learn to listen to others though.....lol, I promise....

I mean, as far as those girls. I am the type of guy that when parties....parties hard, drink, girls and the like (no cars talking)....when go out racing, cars only, when studying, focus super hard and work my butt off......when reading my heavy-dose of JDM mags, reading and don't even try to bother me.....lol, cars only, saying I am a gear head, it's un understatement....lol

Anywho, like you said, back to cars.....:-)

Thanks for the reply anyway.


Hey - that umbrella girl is mine. I've always told her she can do anything she wants to - which includes hanging out with an umbrella wherever she wants to, as well. Great job on the photographs, Antonio!


WOW!! Cool! Thanks alot for posting Lisa's Mom! How cool is that!