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Thanks to Jonathan Wong and the crew at Super Street Magazine, we have some photos and results from the Super Lap Qualifying event that was held at Willow Springs International Raceway earlier this month. Although the scorching summertime desert heat does not quite make for ideal time attack conditions, many of the big names in American time attack came out and ran for the chance to compete in the final event at Buttonwillow Raceway in November. The drivers list included many big names like Formula D stars Tanner Foust and Tyler McQuarrie and of course Speedhunter Chris Rado in his World Racing Scion TC time attack car which is pictured above.

The Japan-built C-West S2000 has really been coming on strong lately with Tyler McQuarrie behind the wheel. The car's 1:23.141 lap time was enough to take the win in the Unlimited Class by nearly four seconds.

The Impreza STI built by Crawford Performance with Tanner Foust as one of its drivers was second in the Unlimited Class with a lap time of 1:27.077. Chris Rado's TC took third place running less than a half second behind the Crawford car.

I'm not exactly sure what these guys are doing to the rear this Evo, but it doesn't look like it was the funnest thing to be doing in the sweltering heat.

Here is the Robispec Evo which had the second fastest time in the Limited Class at 1:30.622.

This nice red hatchback with a JDM zenki front bumper was representing for the AE86 guys.

If I'm not mistaken, this S2000 with an entire catalog of Spoon parts is the same car the Jeroen posted here not too long ago.

Even with very minor modifications, the Evo IX is a great time attack platform. I'm loving those Enkei NT-03's as well.

Matt Andrews' Miata was third fastest car in the Limited Class with a 1:33.393.

Lastly, here's a shot of the beautiful S15 Silvia that is owned by Dom from Endless USA. This car should be very potent once it is dialed in.

Here are the top three finishers for each class.

Unlimited Class

1. Tyler McQuarrie -C-West S2000 – 1:23.141

2. Russ Warr/Tanner Faust -Crawford STI – 1:27.077

3. Chris Rado -World Racing TC – 1:27.552

Limited Class

1. Joe Santiago -Eastside Muffler Evo – 1:29.648

2. Robert Fuller- Robispec Evo – 1:30.622

3. Matt Andrews -Mazda Miata – 1:33.393

Street Class

1. Nils Lufven – Mitsubishi Evo – 1:34.111

2. Matt Andrews – Toyota Supra – 1:34.407

3. Robert Fuller – Evolution Raceworks BMW 135 – 1:37.283

Super Lap Battle

Super Street Magazine

-Mike Garrett



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That white EVO IX (the one without the huge GT wing and the stock front end) is featured in this months Sport compact Car. It kills a viper around the streets of willow course. Truly a monster. :)


GST Motorsports GC8 Impreza spanked that BC/C-West S2000 this past weekend.




The guys working on that red EVO look like they're cutting/ modifing the fenders to accomodate the wider wheels.....?


Sorry jblaine, I don't wanna knock on what you said...but after reading the link you posted. It stated that the GST/ GOTO GC8 lapped Willow Springs in 1:38.395, while the C-West S2000 lapped it in 1:23.141.......there is clearly some discrepancy.

Also, the GST Impreza has some 600-650 hp while the S2000 has roughly 300 hp.....yet, the C-West is a couple of hundred lbs lighter than the Impreza....not to mention the impreza is 4WD and the S2K is not.


Oooppps, sorry jblaine, I just re-checked. Two different race track....my bad...:-(


The GST GC8 lapped Fontana in 1:38. The previous track record was somewhere around 1:42 I believe...


No worries, Alex.

However, I'm not one to talk "but"s when it comes to Time Attack regarding HP, drive wheels, etc. That's the whole purpose of the events, especially in unlimited class: Show us what you've got and bring your A game. If the S2000 can't beat the big HP AWD cars consistently from here on out, then they need to step up their game or de-tune to a less exotic class and compete there! We'll see how it goes, but no excuses! I'd love to see them add 100HP somehow and stay in the game.


I'm sure this S2000 could be a bit more competitive....:-)



yeah but the top fuel car is the fastest s2000 in the entire world and its clocking tsukuba circuit in the 55 second range.


The Top Fuel S2K is THE fastest FR.....not in the world. It holds the fastest lapt time AT Tsukuba only (for FR machine)....sure it's fast, but I wouldn't say THE fastest in the entire world.....lol


man i luv seeing c-rad's TC on the circuit. nice shots!