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We’ve been getting a pretty good response on the photos I shot at the JustDrift/Ziptied All Star Bash 4, so I thought I’d post up some more photos for everyone to check out!

Here’s the starting grid at the Willow Springs Balcony… it was like a Good Offset Festival, so that definitely brought a smile to my face! It’s like… the paint is cool, the aggressive and low aero kits are cool, but the stance is the main thing that makes me think a car looks cool or not. It still holds true… Offset is Everything.

Ahem… Viva Italia!

Here’s the little run down shack in the middle of Horse Thief Mile… which, during events, is used as a Federal Tires trackside flagging station. In the photo, my little brother David is chillin under the shade with Hiro Inada, brother of Daijiro Inada from Video Option fame. In the background you can see cars drifting, and the course worker standing out there with a flag.

All these guys were gathered in the pit area to look under the hood of this S13 Silvia from Washington, but I couldn’t stop staring at the wheel fitment! Super dope.

Since All Star Bash is an extremely grassroots event, don’t expect to find grandstands or any type of seating at the track. These spectators hiked up the hill to get a view above the track, since the area up against the chainlink fence was all packed.

Sometimes people at drift events purposely run their directional rear tires backwards – I don’t remember why. Taka Aono told me he’s done it before, when he was still an amateur driver. Check out the tread on the tires in the photo… and I hope all that dirt comes off the white finish of the Volk TE37 wheels easily! I’ve had white wheels in the past, and you have to be careful what you spray your wheels with, as some cleaners eat away at the clear coat and the powdercoating finish. Or maybe the owner of this car isn’t worried about it.

City Tires came all the way out from Southgate CA (home to big engine importers, Cypress Hill, and Latino gangs) to bring tools, tires, and a tire changing machine to the track! It’s great to see business owners supporting drifting like that! Show your appreciation by buying some tires from them – you can buy online at City Tire Online

After our boy Brian Harte’s tandem drift crash at the balcony, some friends got together to try and pull his fender apron and radiator support out, so it would be closer to how it was before the crash. See what they’re pulling with? A 1980s Toyota truck! Hell yea! Makes you want to hum the catchy song “I love what you do for me… TOYOTA!”

Aaron from Pink Godzira even made a jumpsuit with his crew name on the back! Damn, that is Japan style right there. But I bet he and his girl were burning up in their jumpsuits, especially in the 110 degree heat! I mean, I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and I know I was burning up, so they should have been dying over there.

-Antonio Alvendia

Down and Dirty at JustDrift/Ziptied All Star Bash 4!

Smoke, Sunburn & Stretched Tires: JustDrift/Ziptied ASB 4!

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Federal Tires

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hopefully i'll be making it out to ASB V in Nov


Ok...Im convinced...Lets roll to the next one bro...


Loving the pictures and seriously loving these cars. Definitely the best looking group in the US in one place at one time. In regards to the "reversed" tires. It extends the life by flipping them around and you still get plenty of traction. The only time you don't really want to do it is in the rain. Oh, and Pink Godzira gets cool points for the coveralls.



awesome write up on EVERYTHING, Antonio.

Save your november for the next one

I'll have my new car which I know you will LOVE.


whens asb in nov? i checked the justdrift site, but it doesnt say... maybe i should register for membership with ziptied or something?

blackmagicgto: ahh yeah! that was it. i forgot, thanks for clearing that up dude.

belle 1: yeahh let's help them get some sponsorship dough so they can afford to have belle 1 come out to do the sound and jumbotron at justdrift! haha sick! ok brotha, see u in vegas! i hope to see some dope speedhunters videos on the FD jumbotron! also... let me know if ur interested, i can send u a bunch of dope photos from the events, and maybe they could be mixed together with some clockwork beats!! my photos need some soul to groove to!


hey cool we have the same machine to bust tires with at my school


The one thing I have wanted since the beginning of ASB (that hasn't happened yet) is a sweet ghetto blaster setup so we can listen to some cool music.

Oh, also, celebs. So far, that hasn't happened. Cardboard Nicole Richie is the closest we've got.

We are looking at Nov. 29 and 30 Antonio.

also - YEAH! Let's make my pockets FAT. Give me tons of LOOT.

Hi, this is Brian Harte. When I'm out there on the drift track I need a shoe that really keeps me in control. This is why I wear all natural NIKE brand tennis shoes.


Man these are some great pics..............Oh and offset is EVERYTHING!.....and these cars have crazy ass offsets. I'm loving every min of it


LOL brian, better get comfy with a cardboard nicole richie, cause i think that's all you're getting for a while!! unless i can find one of those cardboard keiichi cutouts!! that would be sick!!

and rather than ghetto blasters, i think someone should make an SR powered convertible nissan minitruck with a hydaulic bed that has like 10 speakers in it, like the old school rap videos. that would be sick! of course, it would need to be lowered with stretched tires on 15 inch daytons, and hella camber up front.


Im so mad I missed this years event!!! last year was amazing ... BH !!!!!!how dare you reuse our nichole. She is ours fair and square!!!!


asb schedule is not in our normal schedule cause i'd get a lot of emails. you gotta remember.. you gotta earn a place in ASB!!!

yeah we'd love to have belle out there! i'll see you guys in fd vegas. hope to talk to belle there!

antionio... again, good job with photos and write ups! the bomb!


thanks charlie! and thanks for getting me access! see u in vegas!!!! GLITTER GULCH!!!


Those are some seriously tight cars..that blue S13 was craaazy!! offset makes me giddy, especilly when you talk to the family of four living in the rear dish...