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This is drifting month right? That is why I decided to open up the second part of JCCA Tsukuba Summer Meeting coverage with a photo of a Hakosuka Skyline doing a sideways dirt drop during the free track time at the event. While most of the drivers were content with gripping the course, the driver of this car was out to demonstrate his drifting skills much to the enjoyment to the fans sitting in the stands near the first hairpin. I have to say that it was one of the coolest things I have seen since I got to Japan. Anyways, now that we have an appropriate opener, let’s get on to the rest of the event coverage.

Check out this traffic jam in the during the opening moments of the F race. You can see the famous Tomei 110 Sunny locking up the wheels in the background.

A glorious sight as the TS Cup field winds it way through the S-curve section. The lone KP61 is trying to fight off a wave of screaming B310 Sunnys.

I was tripping out over how beautiful this blue Kenmeri was. This car was absolutely immaculate and the owner was not afraid to push it on the track. Honestly, the 110 Skyline has to be one of my favorite cars all time. This car, like the many other circuit-tuned Skylines and Z’s at the event is running side exit exhaust that dumps out in front of the rear wheel.

This is the Savanna GT that was battling with the Bluebird I mentioned in the previous post.

Some last minute preparations in the paddock before the start of the TS Cup race.

Hrm…I don’t think this one needs much commentary.

The City Auto 240ZG rounds the final sweeper during the F-Race.

During the F race some of the closest racing came from this pack of fully tuned B110 Sunnys that was running in the middle of field. These guys were going at it the whole race and swapping positions back and forth the whole time. Very exciting to watch.

The Historic Formula cars wait for their race during the morning. Even at 8am it was already super hot and humid out at the track. The drivers are teams were doing whatever they could do to keep themselves and their machines cool throughout the day.

The white Kenmeri I gushed over in the previous post is seen here trying to run away from some of its older brothers on the track.

Another shot of the incredible Trust KP61 Starlet TS Cup machine.

These vintage European cars were part of the “Over Sea” free run group.

Even though it was only like 930am when I took this photo, it looks like the heat and humidity had already gotten the best of these guys.

In case your Hakosuka fix hasn’t been satisfied yet.

Throughout the F race the City Auto Z was battling the Lotus Europa from Technical Shop Happy, a well known vintage Lotus tuner in Tokyo.

A B310 pulls out of the sweeper and onto the front straight during the TS Cup race.

This 510 Bluebird sedan was looking really cool with 15″ TE37’s. I have seen a lot modified 510’s recently that are running 17″ or even 18″ wheels and I can’t say that I like the way it looks. To mer 510’s look a lot better with traditional smaller diameter wheels and and a bigger sidewall like on this car. While you might expect to see some SR20 swaps under the hoods of these cars, all the 510’s at the Summer Meeting were running tuned versions of the L-series engine.

And lastly something for the Toyota fans as two TE27’s and a TA22 Celica are seen running through the first hairpin during the F race.

Nostalgic Japanese auto racing at its best.

JCCA Summer Meet Coverage Pt.1


-Mike Garrett



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There's some new wallpapers ;) I like the first one

Nice coverage Mike, I wish we had something similar in Europe ;(


More more more!


Is that a Lancia Beta Montecarlo in the foreground of the 'Over Seas' shot? Lovely stuff!

Wonderful pics as always Mike!


Hi Mike,

Fantastic coverage and I couldnt agree more about the 510, do you happen to have anymore photos of the 510 with the te37's?

Ive got a skyline blue one which is just running on TRX wheels, but when I do the GT-R hub conversion I was thinking of picking up a set of these like I had on my old s15, and so far from that picture it looks like I should.




Thanks Mike for the awesome pics! Love that Europa in the 2nd photo. Also, my Dad's first car was a light blue 510 sedan like that one, though without the TE 37s. I never got to see it but I bet it wasn't as nice as the one you posted. If I ever get some money I'm gonna have to look for one of those!


dirtdropping a hakosuka? freak... :-/

but the rest... awesome, as usual.


do you have video of the hakosuka???

he is a freak more than most of you know... i've drifted a datsun 510 and a 240z... they are EXTREMELY difficult to drift because the technology found in cars that old don't lend themselves very easily to the quick inputs that drifting requires.


I love that Race RX-3 shot. Didnt that car prevent Nissan from getting a 50 win racing for the hakosukas back in the day? Cant quite remember the exact year...


Great coverage! Thanks Mike!


Holy crap! Anymore shots of the Lancia Monte Carlo?