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If you have ever traveled through the vast desert outside of Salt Lake City, Utah then you probably know that there is not a whole lot out there. For racing fans, however, Utah's Miller Motorsports Park is one of the finest race tracks in the United States. I have not been there myself, but everyone I talk to says it's an amazing facility. This weekend was the annual GT Live event at MMP and Michael Chandler has posted some great shots from the event in his Flickr gallery.

As you would expect from a GT Live event, there were a number of different motorsports attractions including a time attack session, pro am drifting, and a free autocross area.

Cobb Tuning was out in force with a number of their cars, including the imported R35 GT-R seen in this photo. The car was equipped with some super sticky race rubber for attacking the MMP road course.

The Evo X and STI in this photo are also tuned by Cobb.

A little drift action.

The Harman Motive Evo X tearing it up during the Redline Time Attack.

I love this Impreza. I have been on a real Enkei NT-03 kick recently for some reason. I guess it's from seeing cool cars like this.

The time attack wasn't all Imprezas and Evos. This Hasport/Kaaz EG Civic was running hard as well.

And lastly one more drifting shot. Hey I recognize the California temporary tag on the back window!

Check out Michael's Flickr for plenty more event photos.

Flickr: GT Live Event Photos

GT Live

-Mike Garrett



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I was at the event. It was super hot and teams were struggling with cooling.

That being said, I got to witness a great little battle between what must be some of the fastest old school Impreza's in the world.

Here is a URL to one that came all the way from the Atlanta area. (feel free to edit). It's super fast.


It really was a great show with great organization for the type of event it was. I look forward to a better show next year. Come out Mike, it's nice and warm, the phote spots are many as well.

I'll be happy to buy you a beer if you come on over. :)


Yeah that last one is a utah car now, but came up from california last month. That sti with the gt wing is sick as well. I know him too.


I was there as well. It was a cool event for sure. I've got some pics on my little bloggy as well.


I think it was better than last year's MMP GT Live. I got to meet Tag Evanson and Richard Garcia. It's cool when the racers/owners are true enthusiasts and approachable.


Tage Evanson is a skillful MOFO, he's been winning Time Attack competitions left and right, but, fear not ! A friend of mine (that I can't release his name yet, but races on the H2 Honda Challenge) is buildling a EG6 with a K24/20 engine that will sweap away Tage's #'s.....lol

Time will tell.


Full size pics? Thank god, oh how I miss auto-otaku


Mmmmmm Cosworth flames =)