Event>>d1gp & D1sl At Okayama

You probably already saw my quick update with the results from this weekend's D1 Rd.4 at Okayama International Circuit, but now we have some event photos from Car@Nifty.com. Okayama, located in the western part of Japan is a new addition to the D1 schedule. It is one of Japan's larger race tracks and sees visits from both Super GT and Formula Nippon. In fact, Okayama even hosted Formula One back in the '90s.

In addition to the standard D1 round, the event also included the 3rd round of this year's D1 Street Legal series. D1SL does not have near the media following that D1 has, but I managed to find a just a couple D1SL photos.

What kind of car is this? It's a JZA80 Supra with a Celica front end. This machine has been seeing a ton of action this year both D1SL and MSC events. I think this conversion actually looks pretty cool. At first glance it looks a little like a 350Z doesn't it?

The victory In D1SL went to Naoki Nakmura in the D-Max S15 (right hand side).  This broke Naoto Suenaga's streak of two consecutive D1SL wins since the season opener. Nakamura is a member of Team BURST and has really been making a name for himself lately in both MSC and D1SL competition. I imagine it won't be long before he is seen in the top ranks of D1.

Now for D1 action. Here is the RA28 Celica from a couple posts back. Antonio doesn't like it because its Nissan powered. That doesn't bother me but I think this car would look better with some nicer wheels. Nonetheless, it's awesome to see classic cars seeing competition in D1.

I like Goodyear…

Kenji Takayama's R-Magic FD is one of the coolest new D1 cars.

Nice to see Ken Maeda back in action in the Up Garage turbo AE86.

Preparing for driver intros.

Here's Imamura showing excellent car control in the wet.

The final battle between Hirota's JZX110 and Imamura's S15.

Lastly, we see Imamura celebrating his first points round victory in quite a while. Tsuyoshi Tezuka had the points lead going into the event but he failed to qualify for best 16 competition so this ought to shake up the season points standings quite a bit. The next round will be held at Kyushu's Autopolis in just over a month from now.



-Mike Garrett



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D1 is the best.

The cars are better, drivers are better, events are better, everything just rocks. I wish they still sold some option vids here. Thanks for the coverage!

I'm praying that my sept trip to jp goes thru. I want to go check out D1 on spet 20th! Maybe ill see you there!


Wow, the APP S15 has ungodly oni-can. Who drives it, since Sakuma changed to the Kawabata S15?


wow Team Burst is going up in the scene, nice.

thanks again for the info.


jeeezus! i thought Kenji Takayama's R-Magic FD was a toy at first glance!

beautiful flicks, sir.


im like that supra with the celica front end. at first i was like what a FF celica in D1 wth! hahah and dude that first gen celica lift back looks sweet. soo crazy to see it at a D1 event ! its now my wallpaper.


Haha, I guess it's a bit weird seeing a Supra fitted with the front of a lower-end Celica, more used to people fitting S15 heads on S13s and S14s, R34 heads on R33s etc etc, still interesting!

I think the chrome steelies fit that TA22 Celica well!


new-gen celica supra! i've also seen a supra with a st20x. a sleeper from the front.


So now Imamura san drives a S15?.....that's a news !!!!! It looks like Kazama's old-green S15, but that S15 was given to Ueo Katsuhiro last season, wasn't it? How about Top Secret Z33?....wait, I'm super confused.....can anyone in the know explain what's going on?.....I'm assuming Yoichi doesn't ride anymore for Smoky.....so what gives?


It's nice to see they've finally brought drifting back to Aida. I've been there more times than I can count for time-attack action during the "no drifting" era.

It's nice to see Imamura out of that damn Z33 and into something that he can live up to his potential in. Now we just need to get Ueo back behind the wheel of a kick-ass Trueno and it's on.

No matter how many times I see Koguchi's 180 it puts a grin on my face. I'm not sure if it's because it looks amazing or the fact that he's a bit of a loner and turns his own wrenches.


More Maeda Ken pics please!


D1 is the best.

Did you guys read what happened with the link Jdub posted?! Crazy!

Formula D needs to learn from D1!

Man I want those 57D wheels on my car, i hope yoshioka does good with that car.


I'm with Antiono on the RA28 Celica, It's cool to have a motor swapped in any vehicle but you surely lose the pride, passion from other owners in the Toyota Community.


ha, a celica!

any more info on this car?