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There are a few new comers in the D1 this year. One of those, is the Seiken NKB sponsored Mazda RX7. Well it's not exactly new, because it has been seen in many disguises, it began as a Super Autobacs sponsored car and after that it was painted red an ran Benellop sponsorship. Now the car has been bought by Seiken NKB and is being campaigned in the D1GP as the car you see before you.

Seiken is a manufacture of aero parts and rims for different cars. It specializes in BMW's so it's kind of weird to see them run this RX7 as a drift car. But they didn't cut any corners building this car, as you can see in the engine bay with lots of custom parts built specifically for this application.

As a wheel manufacturer, Seiken has provided the car with their own rims. The rims are the Elite. 8 that are available in 18, 19 and 20 inch.

The body kit is made by BN Sports, they also produce a signature Blister kit that is much wider and aggressive than the kit placed on this car. I like this kit more because it flows better with the original lines of the car. You can also spot a diffuser under the rear bumper that's courtesy of the famous RX7 tuner RE Amemiya.

The 3 rotor wankel engine is completely custom build and features some very nice handcrafted parts. Just look at that intake plenum. The engine is running 650bhp.

A nice close up view of the custom piping and turbo setup.

To close of this spotlight, I have this arty shot of the car

-Jeroen Willemsen

Seiken NKB, BN Sports



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I'm a sucker for a great engine bay. I wish every one of these car spotlights included sound clips.


The paint scheme and wheels are extra wack...not really feeling the body kit either. Take out that the power plant and drive train...and toss that into Risky Devil's red FC of Mad Mike's camo FD : )


I'm going to have to agree with fc pro am. The paint/graphics are killing what would be a great looking car. They've managed to make a BN kit look not so great. Paint the whole car black or white and it would probably look 100 times better. Judging by the bay though I'm sure it moves like a bat out of hell.


ditto on the comments above.


This paint scheme seems a little more like it should be in a Euro drift event...It's ok. Who is the driver?


I give them 100% props for the work they put in...but I have to agree with the others Mad Mike's FD is a lot more sick !