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In the last few days I've been looking for everything I can find related to Miatas. I'm getting more and more interested in these cars. They're very nimble and light, but with a engine that puts out 150bhp from its 1.8 liter engine it's man enough to hold its own on the track or street. When looking for a nice second hand one I came across several cars that cost less than 6000 euro. That's seriously cheap for a car with so much potential.

There are many tuners that offer several parts for this little car to make it stand out from the crowd.

The pictures made of this example were the first thing that drew me to Miatas. It features a Garage Vary lip that was painted in a chameleon color in DIY style. The same goes for the hardtop. Not sure if I would do the same to my car, but it's definably different.

I have no engine shots, but I know it has a build head with a new 10:1 compression and a OEM lightened flywheel. Did you notice the color difference on the front fenders? That's because there are made from carbon by Axis Power Racing.

The carbon Autokonexion duckbill style trunk lid is my favorite part of the car. Through the rear window you can see the custom build roll cage and if you squint you can also see the chameleon paint on the hardtop.

Some nice detail shots of the front and the rear. What about that offset on the front wheels? The owner used coil overs made by Stance (cool name for a suspension manufacturer huh?)


I like the carbon fenders but I would have painted them in the same color as the car, I feel there are too many different colors on one car from this side. What do you guys think?

The other noticeable part on the car are the Work Euro Line rims, they come in 15×8. Of course I wanted to know the offset but after I insisted they still didn't want to tell me their secret. So I guess it will be trial and error when fitting my own wheel to my Miata (whenever that will be).

Tires used are a set of Toyo T1R in 195/45/15.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Thanks to Kinod Photography for the pictures



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very nice. I'm not normally a fan of the Series 2, but this is an exception. I agree about the different colours, but still very nice. I'm also on the verge of selling the Bimmer for a Miata. The wife had one and it was always great fun, particularly when it was damp and roundabouts were around :)


search Rob Riter's miata, sickest miata in this country


+1 for rob's car



SICKKKKKKKK why I love Miatas!




I like the idea of exposed carbon fibre on any panel but I think the introduction of a third colur does make it seem a bit off. I am warming to these little cars, I think they would make a great track weapon.


Oh yea, finally some NB love. Probably the only car I LOVE the eurolines on. - Although no track duty for those beauties, especially with the stretch.


sick , photoography, we need to see more from these guys

the color scheme is incredible attention grabbing. and the wheels are straight baller


hell yeah urban!

international acclaim!


Wheels aren't sitting well with me.


Jeroen, since you have a Miata, don't worry I'll help you with your wheel fitment. 15x8 +0 offset fits normal steel fender Miatas (slightly pulled fenders) very well, and it looks great with 195/45/15 tires. If you want to go more aggressive, you could probably fit 15x8.5 under there, especially with this newer body style Miata.

It looks to me like they could have fit even wider wheels up front.

Don't worry, I have plenty of other good offset Miata features coming soon! See you in a few weeks!


oommg I'm loving the offset!!! total vip style. I can easily say thats one of the hottest miata's I've seen in a long long time..good work again!!


Sick Miata. I like it. Not a fan of different colors but clean/simple though.




yeah kinod!


It's dope to see the 2nd gen miata getting some attention... I'm a "frogeyes" fan through and through, though. The Miata is poised to be what the 86 was 10 years ago. Cheap, fun to drive but underpowered, and for the most part, not really what the kind of car a macho guy would be interested in.

Remember, those same guys who used to drive IROC Camaros that stereotypically label MX-5 owners back when the MX-5 came out probably now, drive Dodge Caravans and listen to the best of 80's Heavy Metal Rock Ballads. ROTFL


Ummm...actually sometimes I like listening to those metal rock ballads when I'm in the mood. LOL


hahaha jover..too much. Whats up! buddddy, you checking out the brampton solo II shootout today??? i wanna go but my tires are poooched, can't even drive on the highway..soo bogus


there is a way to make an MX-5 look good, and that just... isn't... it. It's a set of TE-37's in white, a black roll bar, and a pair of teeth around the grille surrounding the intercooler for the supercharger. This is just... messy.


James, are you on crack?


I'm gonna flag james for inappropriate comments if he says one more thing

Congrats Leonard and KINOD!


I think James is from


Nice car. Now paint it all one color so it doesn't look like you ran out of money shortly before finishing the build.


not even! that chem. lips and eye brow's are sooo hot...again such a nice mx-5


Congrats to Urban and Kinod for making it across the pond.

Did James really say "teeth" look good?


I will be out of the group with this but I don't like the wheels on the car nor do I like the amount of negative camber needed to fit them under the car. Everything else about the car says "Take me to a track" but it would be a mess with that wheel and tire set up out there.


Erik Wilson, he doesn't take these wheels to the track. He has a couple other NA's, some are turbo'd or supercharged I think, and he runs more functional track wheels. NOT these. They're from another KINOD guys NA.

30 representing!


Somebody please . . . . .slap "teeth miata James".