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So it seems like cars with aggressive wheels are becoming quite common here on Speedhunters. Tonight I was doing my usual browsing through Japan's Minkara site when I stumbled across what is in my opinion the coolest Impreza ever. The car is owned by "Itakichi" of Wakayama Prefecture and while it is sporting a whole host of performance of modifications that see use on both the street and the track, I am going to focus on what really makes this car special. The wheels and stance.

While the relatively high factory offsets of the Impreza don't allow for quite the craziness seen on cars like the Silvia, Itakichi is all about rocking agressive wheels and low ride height.

The particular Ray's TE37's on this car are sized 18×10.5J and if I read correctly, a +37 offset. While +37 may not sound aggressive at first, it is when you consider what is the norm for these cars. To ensure that that the car can properly pull off the look of these GT-R-like wheel sizes, Itakichi went with a set of mild overfenders that improve on the factory fenders.

If the TE37's aren't your thing, the car has also been equipped with a set of gold CE28N's, also 10.5 inches wide.

And one more shot with the TE's.

There are some wicked Imprezas out there, but honestly I don't think I have seen a better looking Imp street car than this one. The wheels, stance, and subtle aero parts make for perfection.  I can't stop drooling over the pics.

Itakichi's Minkara

-Mike Garrett



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I love the wingless look, nice find. I definatly prefer the white Te37's.


Perfect and simple. Cool headlights, nice clean front lip and bumper, cool hood, the fenders, its all there. Even the roof scoop/vent. But, those wheels and stance are sick!


What aero kit is that? That Impreza is awesome. Looks good on both the TE37's and CE28N's. The TE37 shows the aggressive fitment better, of course. By the way, I may sound dumb for asking this question. But uh, how do you say "Impreza"? Is it "impretsa" or just "impreza"?


Did Antonio write this and put your name on it Mike?


@ Kevin, in "japanese" they say "inpuressa" or "inpure".

As for the car it look stunning, especially with the wingless style and the TE37's.!!!


I have never been a fan of the bugeye look but this Impreza has really changed my opinion.

Very clean and very cool!


@Kevin : The car is an STI RA spec-C according to the rear trunk. The front lip is made by STI. The sideskirts are OEM and the rear skirt is just a normal Subaru part.


Wow. So simple yet so sick!!!!!


the fenders and rocker panels look like they're from l'aunsport.




I'm in love.


Nice find Mike! This is definitely the best stance bugeye I've ever seen! Props to the owner!


Body parts:

OEM Subaru "V2" Front lip

OEM Subaru painted sideskirts

OEM Subaru rear diffuser

L'aunsport front fenders

L'aunsport rear fenders

L'aunsport WRC-style hood

Grenador mirrors.


Actually upon deeper inspection i believe the fenders are custom from a shop called BS-Generics "body-shop generics".


Mike.....I can't stop drooling over this Impreza either....

Simple, and stunning at the same time.


I'm surprised that I'm the first one to mention this, but there's no way that those TEs have a +37 offset. TEs only start looking concave with a +22 offset, which is probably the offset that the wheels shown have.

Anyways, the car is definitely unbelievably hot. I love the stance, wheels, color and choice of body parts. This bugeye just screams PERFECT!


mean car! I can't stop watching it.


i've never liked Subie's for how they look, but that is drop-dead gorgeous!


Ilya, I think you may be right on the offset. He said something about 37 when talking about the wheels but I'm not sure what he was referring to. I know some wheels get concave in the wider sizes regardless of offset but I think you are right about the TE's.


what kind over overfenders are those.its so hot!


Thanks for the info Warren and jblaine. Never knew that the aero was OE. The front bumper usually has STi logos and the sides are covered. Also, I thought that the S202 had different aero. I play the S202 in a JDM arcade game Battle Gear and I thought that this was really aftermarket.


FYI 18X10.5 TE37 is only available in +22 or +15 offset


Prefer the gold ce28n especially in concave offset and gold!


I love this car, amazing how simple and super clean it looks. Saw a couple of short vids on youtube. Just amazing.


Do you know the tire size on the TE37?

Also, do you know his email? I can't read the site :(


The offset is +15mm.

Here is the specs of his wheel/tire setup:

I exchanged messages with him and got some answers.