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If you check out my profile you’ll see that I now own one of Ken Nomura’s Blitz built Skyline ER34. Whereas my car was built to promote the D1 Street Legal Series, this S15 was built as a back up car for the D1GP 2004 season. It was the last season that Ryuji Miki competed in a S15 even after he won the that year’s D1GP championship. For the 2005 season, the S15 was replaced by a Nissan Z33 with a RB26 transplant that debuted at the Irwindale Speedway season opener in California..

Unfortunately the new Z33 never got to the same level as the S15 with Ryuji Miki behind the wheel; he had a very poor season with it and eventually lost his ride with the team.

I saw this S15 run for the first time in England when the D1GP circus came to the Silverstone circuit in 2005 (it was the car’s only outing that year). It was part of the D1GP UK exhibition match were Ryuji won after a close battle with Team Orange’s Nobushige Kumakubo. For me those years were the best of the D1GP, no politics, just a bunch of outstanding Japanese drifters that showed the world who was best.

Back to the star of this feature; the Top Secret S15. This car is now available for purchase through Global Auto (these guys get all
the best cars).

Let’s start at the exterior of the car. The front bumper is designed by Top Secret themselves, they called it the G-Force; it also includes wider front fenders and side skirts. The carbon hood and the front splitter are also made by Top Secret. The mirrors are from Ganador, which are very popular amongst S15 tuners.

For night drifting Top Secret have made sure Ryuji isn’t left in the dark, with a set of Bellof 6000K headlights mounted on the car.

In the rear we see the Top Secret Carbon GT wing mounted on the Yashio Factory carbon trunk. The wide rear fenders together with the rear bumper are made by T&E.

From the side we can see 19″ Volk Racing GT-C rims. Behind the rims you can see the gold brake calipers sourced from a R34 Skyline.

As we all know, Top Secret knows how to build engines. They started with a bare SR20 block and enlarged the displacement with a HKS 2.2 liter kit. For the turbo they went with a modified HKS 3037PRO-s. A Tomei camshaft ensures that the throttle response is nice and fast. The exhaust manifold is a one off made by Top Secret. The engine pushes out 550ps

Cooling is also a major issue with drift cars; they always go sideways so it is very important to get as much cooling as possible. Top Secret went with a V-mount setup and used three electric fans. ARC provided the oil cooler and the triple core intercooler.

For the fuel system they went with SARD 1000cc injectors and fuel injector. Top Secret also added an extra fuel pump and fuel delivery pipe to the front of the car.

From looking at the interior, you wouldn’t have noticed that this a hardcore drift car. You can see all the different Defi gauges for exhaust temp, oil pressure, oil temp and water temperature. HKS delivers the F-Con and the EVC-4 boost controller.

Recaro SR-G bucket seats make sure that Ryuji wont slide through the car while drifting. The signature steering wheel is made by Top Secret, you can see them in all the Top Secret built cars. A real drift-car can’t do without a cage, so Top Secret went shopping at Cusco for a 12 point rollcage

-Jeroen Willemsen

Global Auto

Top Secret



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Man there is something new everytime I come to this site. The car is so clean and the interior is just WOW! Great photos


Amazing engine bay!


Hi, this is Ben from Top Secret here.

I wanted to make a couple of corrections since some of the info is a little incorrect.

This car is a show car, not a race prepped car. The car that ran and won at D1 UK was the actual S15 race car that Top Secret built (that I currently am the owner of). I'm certain of that point because my car actually has the stickers from the UK event still on it.

This replica car debuted at Tokyo Auto Salon a couple of years back and introduced Top Secret's S15 V-type hood for sale for the first time. The race car still does not use this newer release hood.

This car offered for sale is not race prepped (the frame/chassis was not welded and built for racing). For this reason the car (also available through Top Secret directly) is offered at a substantially lower price than the actual D1GP S15 champion car.

For sales please contact the agent Jeroen said or you can contact to speak with a Top Secret rep directly. The car is for sale FOB Chiba, Japan.


By the way, I forgot to mention, great pics and write up!


I went to Tokyo last year.

I went to TopSecret.

I licked and humped this car (The V12 supra and V35 GTR were also victims of molestation)

Ben, good to see you here. I wonder which of the S15's it was that I had that one night stand with. Could be the one that you own...hahhah.

TopSecret is the best, bar none. You know, AMUSE and MINES and all them other shops are awesome but for me, TopSecret is what true JDM street/track/drift car lifestyle is all about!


Hey Section09 - its easy to tell my car from the replica. The replica looks brand new, my car looks a little battle worn. You probably molested this one, it may still have your stains on it for the future owner. LOL.

Thanks for the kind words about TS.


Top Secret is cool! For some reason, even though I don't own a Nissan or any car that Top Secret makes parts for, I ended up buying some Top Secret stickers and emblems when I went to Japan in 1999 and again in 2004 and 2007. Damn, what am I gonna do with these, I can't put them on my AE86....

BTW, I think Smokey Nagata's daughter is hot! =)


I have some pretty cool photos of the Top Secret D1GP S15 in action with the koala himself, Ryuji Miki driving it. Maybe we'll save that for a later post!


She's too young for you man! :)

(I think she's either 18 or 19 now.)

There isnt anything wrong with rockin Top Secret stickers and emblems. You're supporting a good cause/movement! Anyway, the top secret universal parts always fit (titanium tow hook, steering wheel and one touch boss, shift knob etc. Plus actually there are a couple of parts for the 86. Suspension and brake pads...

It'd be cool if we got to see more pics of the D1 car. I know I definitely would like to see more pics! I'm aiming to actually (3 years later from buying it) have the car in the US within the next two months. Its been sitting on display at Autobacs in Japan too long!



How about some pics of Smokey's daughter?


so can anyone explain to me why every jdm car I see have those floor mats. just wondering because after watching enough best motoring i see them a lot on the street cars. does anyone know who even makes them? im not trying to knock them or anything just curious.


^ good question. I've seen them for years but didnt know where the style originated. I think its a Silvia thing tho. I remember reading on some forums that it started out as from SUPERMADE, but who knows if thats true.


oh and one other thing. Ben wtf are you doing getting this thing when you got that crazy s2000? LOL, true JDM head man.


speaking of which, when are we gonna get feature on that s2k? I saw some snaps on jeroen's blog a while back and that thing is SICK!!


And the suspension setup is?


It features a complete Aragosta suspension system modified by Top Secret.


the floormats are from this Jap company/are branded Karoism.


Jeroen, wat zijn de plannen met nomuken's auto? xtremedrift?


Thanks, Jeroen.

btw, it would be nice to see Top Secret S15 in action.


Daan, de auto staat in de verkoop, dus daar zullen geen wedstrijden mee gereden worden. Wie maakt er een doorstart met Xtremedrift dan? Joep de Kort?


What!? oh thats just rude. Other language?

No me gusta eso, pero calmate, solmamente estoy relajando contigo. hahha

Encontre un video para Matt, checkea lo:

(vid of Miki and some other familiars on Top Gear a while back)


He asked me what I was planning with the car, I told him that the car was for sale ;)


hahah I'm just kidding man! thanks for the translation tho :D


There are a lot of rumors floating around regarding Miki's departure from D1. Yes he had a poor season but he also developed an attitude and from what I heard there were a few moments of utter disrespect towards Inada which is a big no-no if you don't want to find yourself suddenly an outcast!


Those checkered flag-like floor mats that are so crazy in Japan looks really fugly, no....really fugly, but I'm sure...since they're ''JDM'' some dumb US kid will rock them regardless of the coolness, how lame....

That TP S15 is very well built, like every TP cars.


I wish it didn't have goofball brake lights!


I don't understand when you have such a good car and then complain about something insignificant like the brake lights


One of the best S15s ever


Jeroen - just because tehy look goofy.

it is a sweet ass car, but then, "ok, lets take off the normal lights and put on these 16year old kid los angeles ghetto civic lights" on the back.

at any rate, it has to be WAY faster than my car.



I just cheched out the Global Auto site and it turns out the car got sold


Actually, Section09...I bought the S15 nearly 3 years ago, then I bought the R34 Fusion RR nearly 2 years ago and I just built my S2000 (in it's current version) last year.

But even it it happened in the order which it might look like with me just buying the Silvia now, the Silvia was still a good buy and incomparable to the S2000. I'm no Smoky Nagata...Sure I've learned a lot from him and others that I am close with, but the way he race prep's a car is something I cant do nor do I ever dream of doing. He's a master at building race cars (and lately race cars disguised as street cars). My S2000 looks like a race car, but the truth is it's only about 60% finished. It wont be ready for racing until I finish the project which I'm not in a huge rush to finish (new engine being built now, more suspension and chassis mods, etc). That S2000 I built in 2 months just in time for SEMA last year. It looks great, and has the right parts I wanted to use, but its not dialed in yet. The real test will be once it's finished to see what kind of lap times it can accomplish.


Arent you selling that car? I saw it for sale on your website (The s2000)

What are you planning to do with these cars anyway?


Section09, domo arigato! Nice video


Sure if you give me $125,000 USD its yours :)

I plan to have some fun with time attack with the car. Someday...


DAMMIT BEN I'm only 21!!! 18 or 19 is all good!


Hook it up!

I bet she's not into cars at all hahah


This Car is at Carrest Chiba near Costco.

You can check it and the R34 TA car anytime


what brand car is that? it kooks like a toyota supra.


This is a Nissan 200SX S15 @ Jeremy

@All: A german guy (nickname speedmaster) brought this baby and took'd it to germany.