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Since I have been in Japan I have been surprised at the number of seriously tuned Suzuki Cappuccinos that I have seen at various events. While they are far from powerful in stock form, their featherlight weight and overall size that makes a Mazda Roadster look large in comparison make them very capable cars for motorsport use. One of the finest Cappuccino examples I have seen so far is this time attack car that is tuned by a shop called Prest. Located in Chiba, Prest specializes in both vintage cars and kei car tuning. This particular Cappuccino is fully tuned and the 720cc engine is fed by a TD04 turbine that makes this car move in ways you wouldn't think are possible. By the way, don't you think the 15" Weds TC-05 wheels look huge on this car?


-Mike Garrett



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Oh, my God. I love this Kei-Series car! If you have more pictures of Cappucinos, AZ-1s or Honda Beats, please post!


Anything on the AZ-1 would be awesome. Cappuccino's were quite popular in the UK


those are such bitchin cars. any videos of this thing ripping around the track?


lol i'm bored how about putting a 1340cc 11k rpm Hayabusa motor into these cappucino's? with a turbo?? =] lol that would be awesome and the car weighs at 1545lbs stock.


Thanks Mike! Auto Otaku is what truly opened my car enthusiast horizons to include Japanese cars. I love the Cappucino, If I had money I'd import one to here in the 'States. I like the 'Busa swap idea, however I'm kinda old school hence I'd opt for a supercharger!


or opt for an SR20 lol

cappies are awesome as hell


Alright then, how about the 638hp LS9 from the new ZR1 Vette? Or perhaps a Rolls Royce turbofan from a 747?!


That's a pretty neat Cappuccino, love the hardtop!


I quite like kei cars, they are very cool...

I think there's some company in the UK specialised in Cappuccino's, and they're now building a full-carbon Cappuccino with a turbocharged Hayabusa engine... but I've forgotten the name :-(


man, i love that cappucino.

i had the opportunity to drive a tuned one a while back... man that thing is tied with my rotary roadster for the title of 'best car ever'


yah, but the hayabusa motor is so much lighter, rev's to 11k and produces respectable power from stock. =]


Man, those cars are (manly) cute (well, with only just one pic, cant say much about it :p ) any chance of more shots of this baby? (but a K car with more power under the hood would sure raise the censorship ratings of them ;) )