Video>>slowmo Moment #10 Beauty And Beast

…. or this could be Eri and the Lexus? Sexy JapaneseFalkengirlwholivesinLAsomeofthtime and the V8racenascarsoundinglexusIS?

As you appreciate the beauty of Eri you’ll notice that she is plugging her ears. There is a reason for this. That Lexus is LOUD. At Formula Drift NJ Hiro Sumida was playing with his his new 700 bhp Hasselgren V8 for the first time and it was shattering ear drums where ever it went!

Before you start asking where the sound is, our camera doesn’t record sound when it shoots slow motion; its one or the other.

Any comments on Hiro’s new wheels?

:Rod Chong

Hiro Sumida Lexus IS350 Car Spolight



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Her name is Eri Moriyama, and she is gorgeous! And a very sweet girl!

Hiro is a super cool AE86er, and his IS350 is definitely one of the best build quality cars that has come out of Team Falken... oh wait, and also the entire Formula D series, now that I think of it.

Hiro's new wheels are +60 offset, maybe I better not comment on them. I prefer the Hayashi Street CR and SSR Mark II wheels he had on his beige AE86. But that's just me. Some people like those POSitive offset wheels that are hard to mount tires on.


wow, this is definitely new and cool ! slo- mo- !!

hey Antonio, i still love the negative offset with huge lip style, but

+60 was the only way to make the crazy wide 315/30/18 Falken Azenis RT615 fit on the IS350.

and yes, there's no way us drivers can survive without the Falken models as they cover us

with shades while we wait in line. Thanks to all the Falken models especially Eri and Lacie at


sorry to everyone around me for having such as loud car, but that new Hasselgren V8 with over

700hp simply feels awesome. it's putting out some serious power. vegas is going to be fun !!!


ROD....You def brought SEXY BACK!


hahaha even though i plug my ears please know that i love shading my fellow falken drivers and their hot loud cars. who gets to be on the track where all the action happens? on top of it, we get to sit on the passenger seats and feel the 700 hp at the opening ceremony. we love being the falken umbrella girls. we got the best team. btw, great music! good job antonio and rod! next time, gimme a que when you film so i can suck it in. hahaha. smooooches,-e


Don't suck anything in. We have enough bony and unattractively gaunt models and umbrella girls. Real women for the win.


WE LOVE YOU ERI....No need to suck! Well said jblaine!!!!!


Time sure creeps up on us quickly! It's almost time for Formula D Round 4, which will take place


Amazing...Antonio the music and the slow motion is perfect. Feel like I was there watching. Thank you again for filling me in. First time in 6 years, I miss this show.