Video>>car Tour#8: Team Mopar Dodge Viper

Samuel Hubinette is back in front of our cameras showing us around his 2008 Formula Drift competition machine: a supercharged 748bhp Dodge Viper SRT10. This is a continuation of our ongoing exploration of the convergence of drifting culture and American muscle cars.

I'm still in a bit of awe as to just how professional the American drift scene is with their high budget teams, uniformed personnel and giant tractor trailer (lorries for you Brits) setups. Team Mopar/NuFormz Racing certainly is at the sharp end of the Formula D grid and are always contenders for overall victory. Think Samuel can take his third FD championship this year?

I think this is my favourite "Car Tour" so far. The Viper looks pretty hot with its chrome livery and you can tell Samuel is having fun with the camera. I have to give him a big thanks for being very upbeat, helpful and enthusiastic for our film project. He's always been very down to earth, humble and open with us supercarfanswithcameraswhosomehowmakealivingonthisunhealthyobsession.

Let us know what you think of these films guys! It takes a lot of work to make these so we appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

I'd also like to send out a big thanks to our Speedhunters video editor Riley Vigier for his tireless work on these films and to Junkie XL for another great track to work with.

Drift you later!




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I never leave feedback on them but love them every time. These are way up top on my list of favorite parts of the site.


yeah the videos rock on this site, better then tv shows!


Samuel is an awesome driver and an all around nice guy! His wife too!


Awesome feature!

You guys are the best at this.

Forget the rest.



You guys have an outstanding thing going on here, with your bloggers. The community so far has been an amazingly friendly and international group, which I haven't yet seen anywhere else.

My suggestion would be to create more video content of this type, maybe dive deeper into the technical aspects of the sport, maybe how these teams prepare for an event. Showcase the days leading up-to the event, what they need to do for the cars in preparation, how they deal with sponsors, etc.

You guys are building a nice library of documentation here. Maybe it could one day be turned into a feature film.


By now you must have seen my fellow Speedhunter Mike Garrett's posting on " The Cars of the