Random Snap>> White, The Power Of Dreams


White and Matte Black are two colors that are very popular amongst tuners these days. A good friend of mine imported a black DC2 a few years ago, unfortunalty he turned it into a show car with a flip/flop paint job to promote his own company. When looking at the example in the picture, there's no denying that Honda made some of the most desirable cars in the import car scene.

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I like the DC2 integra very much but not the EU/US version. The JDM front looks much better.


They are simple yet so very effective. Everyone in the UK used to scoff at the fact that Type R cars were only available in white. Now everyone wants white. =)


Europe still had the quad headlight front end after the facelift? I didn't know that. I thought only the US market cars didn't switch to the new front end.


Yep, if you bought an integra from a UK dealership they were only ever with the quad headlights. In fact, if you ignore the DA3 shape Integras the quad lamp ones were the only UK integras sold here.


ahh you said the power of dreams!

I cant stand hearing that anymore! lol, I'm currently working with honda on a project and all I hear is them saying that!

ok sorry lol


I see, so I guess all the JDM face DC2's I see in the UK were imported from Japan? Being an American I always forget how easy it is for people in other countries to score second-hand JDM cars!


Not all the cars were imported, you can easily change the front end of the car with a JDM face. So you would have a EU car with a JDM face :)


I still heart 4 eyes. ;) Especially that '96 spec Arrrrrr in your pic. (Old round eyes vs. the tear drops on the '98 spec model)


wats guhd we can run for pinks lol