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So today I've been thinking about Japan and Hawaii… and as I was looking through some of my photos, I found this cool pic of my friend Hirotaka Hoshino greeting the drifting fans after his performance at Big X at Ebisu West Course. Hoshino owns a custom paint and body shop in Gunma Japan called Hoshino Car Style, and is the leader of a Gunma-based drift team called Geki Kassou Dan.

Geki, which means "strong" is a very popular group of young drifters who have a "cool guy" personal image, aside from having cool cars, and a high skill level. As a result, they have quite a few hot females hanging out with their crew! Good job guys!

Geki Kassou Dan is also strongly tied to Team Orange, as Hoshino looks up to Nobushige Kumakubo as his sempai (it means like a mentor or something like that). Since the Geki team showed Kumakubo alot of dedication (both in improving their drifting skill and dedication to Team Orange), Kumakubo invited the Geki team to perform in Big X, the world's first event to combine drifting with freestyle motorcross bike stunts, high flying car stunts, trial bikes, and street bike stunts. To show even more dedication, Hoshino painted the entire Geki team's cars in different shades of orange!!! Wow, now that is being down for the cause!

Before I forget, let me also mention that Hoshino is a D1GP driver, and has competed in an FC3S RX7 (D1GP USA), and S15 Silvia as well. I can't wait to see Hoshino, Minami, and the Geki crew again next time I'm in Japan!

-Antonio Alvendia

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Oh that looks like Hirotaka in JUNIOR's car!!!

Same hood I have on mine. Rad. Didn't even know that.

They all came out here to CA a few years back and us Pink GodziRa boys and girls showed them a great time in the states.

We took them up to Vegas which was awesome.

We took them to Willow Springs. Hirotaka blew out my clutch. haha, I had to drive it a half hour to the shop with half a clutch left. Couldn't go over 40 on the highway or it would SLIP.

Anyways, cool picture!


Haha, yeah Brian I remember that. Hoshino's girl Minami called me cause they wanted me to come out, but I was working and couldn't make it. And actually, if I'm not mistaken, I remember Minami telling me it was her car last time I was at Ebisu. Their crew has like 134587y132p9458y`19328`[-983 cars that look alike though!



ok maybe it is Minami's.

There are a bunch of S14s and I know Junior has a zenki like that.

Oh well, cool deal anyways.

Man, I hit triple 7s on the slots 2 times in 10 minutes on that trip.

ding ding ding.


damn, u have some good luck buddy! the only thing i ever won in vegas was $25 on the quarter slots, at which point i stopped playing hahahaha

yeah the geki crew has a ton of s14s and 15s and such! thats dope that u guys are down with my friends in japan! see u this weekendddddddddddd


Yes, I have some leftover stickers to put on the new car too.


good times.