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I was just thinking about Hawaii today. I mentioned to Rod that I wanted to plan a trip to Hawaii so I could check out how the cars of my friends are doing. So I looked through my hard drive to find this photo of some of my favorite AE86s on the island – cars owned by my 86 bruddas Royce and Stan. I just love the stance of these cars. They look so aggressive. Ahh Hawaii. Aggressive wheels, island breeze, and ono grinds. I can't wait to go back.

-Antonio Alvendia



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The ultimate two car garage, or u could swap one out for a supra


I see best buys...


yeah man after seeing a video of one of the first drift events in hawaii , ive always wanted to go over their and see the drifting scene over there. also those AE86 are beautiful! im loving the wheel fitment on the second one !


they both have awesome wheel fitment btw, the photo just doesnt show it. =)

cant wait to go back!


Great coverage on our Hawaii! Mahalo!!

Antonio, you still owe my friend Leroy (fellow AE86 homie from back in the day) a copy of Driftbook. He orderd it back in 2006. What's up with that? SEND TO HIM SOON.


what?????????? he didnt get it? it WAS sent out dude. anyways, this is not the place to discuss these types of matters. i might be going to HI sometime soon, so can you give me leroy's contact info?


Antonio thanks. I emailed your email with Leroy's contact info. Did you get it? Just want to know bro. Thanks.


was so bummed when i went to hawaii, the only 86 i saw was a sr-5 coupe wwhich had some MOM plates on it

doh! lol


I think you meant to say owned by Royce and Sean.