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You will know from the numerous posts on Speedhunters, Le Mans is
currently taking place. The race started at 3pm local time with Peugeot
leading from the pole.

As we enter the 14th hour, it starts raining earlier than planned.
Jacques Villenueve (7) leads with the No2 Audi in second.

Its not been plain sailing for the Peugeot though. Around the 2 hour mark, all three Peugeots suffered problems, worst
was the leader who dropped down to 30th. The Audis gained control before the Peugeots clawed their way back. Each of the three Peugeots have lead the race now. With pit stops and different strageties, the No2  Audi led into the 13th hour.

Lola Aston had a setback early on when a rear wing broke at speed, but
the car was repaired and now back in the race. The Lola's place was
taken with a great battle between the Dome and one of the Oreca

Earlier on, the Chamberlain Motorsport also had a big accident when the front
suspension broke,with Amanda Stretton on her first lap. Damage to the
radiator resulted in the car coming to the half, but the team realised
that if they extended the front damper fully, they might be able to get
back to the pits at crawling speed. They made it back and the car is
being repaired. Sadly the car retired later in the evening. This is typical of Le Mans.

For a while, the Dome and Oreca were battling for Petrol LMP1 honours
but now, the two Pescarolos take that honor. In the night, a safety car
was called out after the No6 Oreca crashed heavily. As I write, the
Dome has just crashed into the barrier and is now on its way back to
the pits for repairs, in a distances 39th place.

LMP2 has been a good battle between the two Porsche RS Spyders. The Team Essex car now has a small misfire and recently dropped 4 laps down. The Sauliner Pescarolo is 3rd

The GT1 class is a gret battle with Corvette and Aston swapping positions throughout the race. After 13 hours, the 009 Aston leads the 63 Corvette, 007 Aston. As I write this, the 007 Aston seems to have a engine problem and is in the garage.

GT2 the field is depleated. Early on, the Krohn car retired. Shortly after, the IMSA 997 crashed into the Lizards car and retired. The Lizard car needed extensive repairs. The Risi competion car leads, ahead of the Virgo Ferrari and Pirelli
Ferrari. The Virgo guys are doing well given no power steering.

As we enter the 14th hour, its raining hard at Le Mans, its likely to turn into drizzle around 8am. The order could completely change now. Don't forget, the closed coupe cars, such as the Peugeot are compromised in the wet with its windscreen and potential steaming up. The race is going to be very interesting. The Audis are now closing on the Peugeots.

Radio Le Mans continues to provide audio coverage online, while Speed TV in North America is now covering the race to the flag. In Europe, you have the two Eurosport channels. Finally, and Planet Le Mans have a comprehensive news service and hourly reports of the race. – Live Audio coverage – basic online updates – more detailed  online updates



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update - Hour 15 and its now dawn. Peugeot lost lots of time due to the windscreen issue I suspected and the No2 Audi R10 now leads by a lap. The second Audi of Rockenfeller has closed up on Gene as welll. Gene seems to be coping with the condition better than the other Peugeots.

The rain seems to be a little harder at the moment.

LMP2 - Foster has a big accident in the Embassy, not sure if they can get back to the pits. - Shame as they have been doing very well.

In GT1, the 009 is increasing its least over the Corvette.

GT2 the Risi Competition is coming under pressure from the Virgo Ferrari (who I want/tip to win)


Only three hours to go

21th hour, update thanks to Hazardous on the Finalgear forum

It's getting really close in the lead. The #2 is still in the lead but the track is drying and the Peugeots gaining speed. At the moment the gap from #2 Audi to #7 Peugeot is about three minutes and there's three hours to go, which adds up to roughly four seconds a lap. Peugeots have done that sort of speeds so theoretically this could go down to the wire between the #2 and #7. #9 still holds third and is closely followed by the #3 Peugeot. Meanwhile #8 Peugeot got the fifth place from the #1 Audi as the Audi was in the garage.

Elsewhere no changes to report.