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Following our Honda NSX post last week, Auto-Express magazine in the UK have produced some artist impressions of how they think the NSX may look. Its worth remembering that these are just speculation. Sometimes, the magazines will have insider information and sometimes they won’t. They will also have the hi-res images of the scoop images to work with.

So, if we assume these are accurate,  you can see some influence from the Acura ‘Advanced Sports Car’ concept from the 2007 Detroit Motor Show. Personally, it has lost some of the supercar feel which the original NSX had. It could almost be a 21st century Prelude!

Auto-Express claim the NSX (if it keeps that name) will have 550bhp 5.5 Litre V10 engine, 8 Speed gearbox on a Aluminium chassis based on the Acura RL and all wheel drive. The magazine also suggests the launch would be in 2010.


Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept



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I dont think this is the NSX. Its has to be an entirely new platform.

Its cool but not NSX.

Also this just looks like a chop of the spy photos from last week.

It honestly looks more like a next gen RSX than NSX


I've seen a video of the supposed new nsx at the 'ring and christ it sounds amazing, Honda need to price it appropriately though unlike the last nsx what was hugely over priced.


As a current NSX owner I would like to fill in the following information. First of all Section09 yes, it is a new platform; the new NSX will have a front-midship mounted V10 pushing out over 500 horsepower and it will have Acura's SH-AWD although I have not heard final about an 8 speed gearbox. Now onto the price. The NSX may have always seemed vastly overpriced but that is where everyone who does not own one fails to see the light. The high cost of the NSX was always because of the cutting edge material (all aluminum chassis), the uniqueness of its design being one of the few Japanese supercars at the time, and its drivabliity on a daily basis. Show me a true 2 seater supercar that can get 20mpg while picking up groceries and such and then go out to the track afterwards. Now show me one that is Japanese is still being made...


Section09 - It might not end up being called 'NSX' - in fact, in some ways I hope it isn't, but all the mags seem to think its an NSX replacement. It is a chop of the spy photos last week, + using suface detail from the Acura Sports Concept.


I hope they call it something else too.

Check this out, found some video of it on the 'ring


it may be a nsx may be not. But when it comes out from the factory, the gtr is going to face one tough competitor