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We should have some more in depth coverage up soon, but for now I thought you guys might be interested in hearing the results from this weekend's D1GP round four at Okayama International Circuit.

1. Youichi Imamura – S15 Silvia

2. Tomokazu Hirota- JZX110 Verossa

3. Tetusya Hibino – AE86 Levin

4. Daigo Saito – JZX100 Chaser

5. Masao Suenaga – FD3S RX7

6. Ken Nomura- ER34 Skyline

7. Akinori Utsumi – S13 One-via

8. Yoshinori Koguchi- RPS13 180SX

9. Kazuhiro Tanaka- GDB Impreza

10. Takahiro Ueno- JZZ30 Soarer

Looks like Youichi is continuing his hot streak after his win at the Odaiba exhibition match. His new S15 seems to be suiting him well. Just as impressive is that Hirota took home second place in his JZX110 Verossa. Congrats to all!

D1GP (Pic from Hirota's blog)

-Mike Garrett



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What is a Verossa? Is that the car pictured on the left? It looks like a bizarrely mutated Lancia Thesis.


Its a Toyota Sedan car, RWD,there is a 4WD model also i think, using the 24 valve DOHC inline-six cylinder engine,1G-FE,1JZ-FSE and 1JZ-GTE engines, hotest version putting out 280.

it not sell very well apar.

see here...



verossa is a pimp car. vip styled drift car. looks really ugly stock imo.

its basically a gs300 wit a manual trans. (dont take my word for it, i never actually seen a verossa in real life) :(



I cant believe he's up at 2nd place now. He never used to get passed best 8 or even best 16. His skills must have improved since I saw my last OPTION vid. I'm also happy yo see Yoichi back on top again. He's been one my favorites since the APEX'i FD days.What happened to KUMA?


The verossa was made from 2001 to 2003. it was the succesor of the chaser.


It was a real wet during the competition, it seems that Ken has lost it's touch, he really need to step it up a notch


good to see youichi getting back on the podium


No Tezuka :(


So...what's the deal with Imamura and the S15? What happended to his Top Secret Z33? Words.....