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"Crazy" is probably not a word you would use to describe modern day Toyota, yet that is just what they have decided to call their latest concept vehicle. After reading a little more about this car, I do have to say the label definitely fits. The Toyota Aygo Crazy is based on the Aygo minicar that is sold in Europe, and you can get an idea of how far they have gone with this concept when you see the "Crazy" parked next to the standard Aygo.

The first thing you notice are the body modifications. All of the aero work was custom made by hand for this concept. You can also see the larger 17" wheels and meaty rubber sitting under the widened fenders.

What makes this car worthy of the "crazy" nameplate is the engine. A 1.8L VVT-i powerplant has been placed in the rear of the car, and to make things even more interesting Toyota has outfitted the motor with one of its turbo kits. Power output is said to be around 200hp which should give the 1050kg car some very impressive performance numbers.

Inside, the car is outfitted with all the standard race car modifications, including a Sparco steering wheel, custom racing buckets, and a full coll cage.

In this rear shot you can see how much the track has been widened. The suspension on this car sourced from the last generation MR2 Spyder. I really like the way the exhaust looks!

Toyota's overall mission with this concept was the thrill of driving, and for this reason the car does not have any electronic aids or other things that might interfere with the driving experience.

While I think it's unlikely that something like this will ever see production, it is nice to see that Toyota is at least thinking about it.

What do you guys think?

Source: Nihoncar (Pics courtesy of Toyota)

-Mike Garrett



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thats a sick little car. i bet its faster than a exige + gets better fuel economy. id rock it.

but 1 accident with a hummer = total disaster


this car cost toyota apparently $200,000 to develop. They could have spent that money elsewhere, like throwing it into a more worthy car like the scion tc as that brand isn't doing that great as of recent


Toyota has become a little vanilla since the mid 90's. It's nice to see the engineers get loose on the parts bins every once in a while. Here's hoping we see a nice light RWD platform from Toyota again soon. Wouldn't it be nice to see a new generation of MR-2, or Corolla GT-S? How about a Supra or Celica? Maybe in this time of fuel crunch we could see a nice new JDM Kei car with a turbo???


Mmm, basically say hello to a tuned Vitz. FF and a small wheelbase, the essence of fun cornering.

I like it. The fenders are a bit too large, in my opinion.

As for the engine, I've seen some supercharged Aygos that I think fit better with the idea of a smaller displacement engine, but I like that Toyota is at least trying to make something fun.

I'd rather see the MRS or MR2 come back, but, I'm asking for too much apparently.

Also I think most accidents with a Hummer are a total disaster...regardless of the car involved.


not as good as redlines yaris with a 3sgte in the back


Juson, why does it make you think that this Aygo's fuel consumption is better than an Exige?

The Aygo and the Exige share the same exact engine, the 2ZZ. The Exige is actually slighly lighter than this Aygo (based on what Mike said), not to mentioned that the Exige is A LOT more aerodynamic than this almost-boxy looking little car.

Again, not to stir anything up, but I don't think this Aygo actually consume less gas than an Exige....

Anyway, I don't think that was the point of Toyota when they engineered it....

Nice little car BTW. It reminds me of the Nissan March (Or Nissan Micra in Europe) with a VQ35 engine swap. Wicked !


That's actually a 1ZZ, not a 2ZZ like the Lotus has. Since it has an MR-S rear end, I guess they kept the engine too.

It would be a bit pathetic for a turbo'd 2ZZ to be putting out only 200hp.


That is just perfect. To me its like the Renault Clio v6 (ya kno the Midship one) but dare I say it... cooler looking and Toyota reliability. Id buy one right quick. That is one awsome Touge slaying machine!


this is where hatchbacks should be going

not to boxy not to round

its got a nice sporty shape

if they could only build a frame and

let us choose rwd or ff at the time

of purchase at the dealership

people would be alot more happy


finally, Toyota made a proper car like this again after a while, not to mention most of their cars are ugly, but really.. nowadays we barely see any "performance car" from Toyota like this, so i'm glad they finally built one
(sorry about my bad english)


finally, Toyota made a proper car like this again after a while, not to mention most of their cars are ugly, but really.. nowadays we rarely see any "performance car" from Toyota like this, so i'm glad they finally built one
(sorry about my bad english)