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Knowing Honda, it's not a surprise that they aren't content to sit and watch Nissan and Lexus own the Japanese supercar game. As these recent spy shots show, Honda is working full steam ahead on the next generation NSX. Although heavily obscured, you can still make out the overall body shape of the new car which will aim right for the Nissan GT-R and the Lexus LF-A.

Details on the car's powerplant are unknown, but it is rumored the car may be powered by a naturally aspirated front midship V10 that produces somewhere in the range of 450-550hp. It will surely need that sort of power if the car is going to outperform the GT-R and LF-A as Honda's CEO has recently claimed. While the GT-R is certainly a tough target to catch, I think if Honda can keep the weight down on this car it may be possible.

Whatever happens, it will be very interesting to watch the development of this car over the next few years.

Here a few more spy shots from World Car Fans-

So what would you choose, GT-R, LF-A, or NSX?

World Car Fans: NSX Spied

World Car Fans: NSX To Target GT-R

-Mike Garrett



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I'll choose the new RX7 when it comes out!

This look good but too much like a corvette. i hear that honda was considering building s sub-NSX sports car to compete with the corvette. I think this is what that is. The NSX would probably be a lot more sleeker and 'supercar looking' than this. The last gen NSX still looks like a beautiful exotic til this day. This is a 2+2 layout as well. A more practical super car? We'll see.

GTR still wins for being the best bang for your buck supercar.

Come on MAZDA!


If I had the money to choose, I wonder if I wouldn't still pick an EVO X and spend teh rest of that $ difference in customizing it. I mean, you figure the new GT-R runs Tsukuba in what? like 1:02+. A nicely modded EVO X (big turbo, suspension to the max, cf to the max, etc) could run 58-1:00. Anyway, I like lighter weight, plus to have 4 doors and a trunk. OK, OK, so between these 3 choices I'd go GT-R. But, it makes me wanna find out more about the LF-A so I can make a better dream choice.


Just clocked a 7:37 on the ring. 8 seconds behind the GT-R for now. Go Honda!


im all for the LF-A. which clocked an unofficial 7:34 by someone just watching.

when the GTR was being tested, it was timed at 7:39 or so. i have faith toyota will come out ahead.


As a current NSX owner I think I could safely say that I would go with the NSX out of these new 3, although the GT-R would be an awesome car to own. Also hechtspeed I totally agree with you on the EVO thing, I'd rather have 4 doors and still be just as fast, maybe thats why I bought the most practical supercar there is.


I still don't think that if I were in the market for a supercar, the EVO would be on my shopping list. ;)

Don't get me wrong, I'd rock an evo all day every day... But for stylin, I'll take the last iteration of the NSX-R. And from the looks of it, the New "New Sports X-perimental" (NSX). If they can keep costs in line with the original NSX (not likely), or even on par with the GT-R, you could see the rebirth of the JDM super car battles on Best Motoring, etc. (Best Motoring has been hurting while the JDM OEM's have been producing their bland commuter cars. Come back Silvia/Integra/Celica!)


You see Mike, Honda does not actually need to worry about cost cutting that much on the new NSX. This is apparent simply by studying how the old one sold. The NSX was always considered to be an awesome car but with a 280hp V6 it never lived up to its almost 100k sticker in most people's minds. Well here we are years later and the NSX has now become a collector's item, in fact mine has appreciated in value over the past 2 years. My point is that there has always been a customer base for this car, people who value cornering over straight line performance, people who value lightweight cars, and most importantly for me at least, people who value a supercar that can drive to the track and bust laps and then afterwards pick up a full load of groceries on the way home while all the time getting 20mpg on the highway.


It seems there is gonna be a good fight between the GT-R (V-Spec), the new Toyota/ Lexus LF-A, and the new Gen. NSX (possibly even the Type R in the future).

I wouldn't pick any of them though. Like it's been said, I rather drive a more nimble, lighter weight car instead.

Mazda got to step it up ! Toyota should also release something FR in the near future (either a AE86-alike with Subaru/ Fuji Heavy Industry help), or a new MR2, and/ or a new Celica.

And finally, Nissan should understand that for the not so fortunate people that cannot afford a GT-R....they should re-make a new Silvia, of course FR with a turbo.

Is it asking too much?


I've been hearing rumblings of the Silvia/240sx being dusted off. With the Z being used as a platform, and a 2.5l inline 4 (Sentra SE-R) based motor. And to top it off, a 2.5 V6 aparently for the Infiniti brand as well. Dunno if I'd bank on the Infiniti based model (eating too much of its own market share). But the rebirth of the Silvia could finally be upon us. :p


Prefer the NA1/NA2 NSX then this because it has more supercar look to it. But nevertheless this looks cool to me.


I would choose the R35 but it of went hechtspeeds route I would get a corolla instead of an evo. Just think about the kind of AE86 70 grand would get you


I would LOVE if Honda actually makes the HSC concept instead of the one shown above. The pics above look like a futuristic Corvette or even a newer version of the Supra.....

The HSC concepts retains a lot of the lines of the old NSX....


The back of the car looks very promising.

Check new video with">V10 NSX.


i still am a toyota guy at heart even though i have a poster of the GTR in my room..... i wana see the LS-F stand its own ground and show thats theres still some sportiness in toyota cars!


Does this car actually have a name?

Cause' it isn't an NSX...


I just want a Stagea. RB26 N1 swap if I could lol!

Enough power to burn a C6 'vette, and enough space to bring home supplies for home improvement projects.