New Cars>>more Nissan 370z Speculation

Our friends at 7Tune have posted a ton of new info about the upcoming Nissan Fairlady Z34 AKA 370Z. According to Best Car magazine, the new Z may be getting a high performance version powered by one of Nissan's V8 engines. A factory V8-powered Z? It seems surprising at first, but when you think of all the platform sharing that goes on at Nissan its not terribly hard to fetch. This high performance version of the Z may also have a unique front fascia that pays homage to the "G-nose" that was found on the the original S30Z. The G-nose would match up quite well with the new Z's retro inspired styling. Even in more basic form, it appears that the Z34 will be quite a machine as the 3.7L V6 found in the Skyline Coupe/Infinti G37 is already a very potent unit. Combined with the rumored weight savings of the new Z, this car looks to have very high performance potential.

7Tune: New Z to get V8, G-nose?

-Mike Garrett



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i think the finished product of this car will not be that bad. right now its sort of in a wierd looking state between the concept and the final product. i wish though nissan would go back to its roots in the Z cars. using a Inline 6! but a V8 isnt really that bad of an idea plenty of low end torque good for drifting!


I wish manufacturies re-consider what is more important nowadays. Everyone is into hp, and cranking out more horsepower.

Honestly, I get sick and tired to hear that. Hp here and hp there. They should be focusing on making cars more nimble and a lot lighter (sort of the Lotus philosophy)......not only to save gas, but having a light-weight car is fun to drive, not to mention is a lot safer to control it.

Nowadays cars are obese, like 1 person out of 4 here in the US.....that's sad.


I agree with Alex. Put a 2.6-3.0L inline 6 with 300hp and give it that awesome iniline 6 sound and revability. But, I like the look and new headlights and that its smaller/lighter than the first gen. The problem is the price is going up now. :(


I couldn't agree with you more Alex. Sounds like it will still be a great car though. I just hope they keep an "affordable" version out there like they do now with the base and enthusiast models. Can't wait to see the final product!


Those headlights are Horrible.


The I6 is dead, people need to understand that. Only BMW is still making them. And a I6 would probably destroy the Z's handeling because its to long. The VQ V6 sits 4 cylinders behind the front wheals.


Oh Jesus, I didn't even notice those lights til you guys pointed comment....

The new Z34 should be 3000 lbs.......(that is what I like to I don't think it's gonna happen....and if it does, get ready to fork out more $$$.

The cool thing about the Z is, you could buy one for a little over $28K brand new. That's a bargain if you consider its performance


I for one like the lights.

Back end looks a horrid though, reminds of the M coupe.


the headlights are horrific they shouldve just kept the lights like the 350

but thats just what i think


this probably isnt a final production model. its most likely photo shoped to look like all the other "spy" pics on the net. or its one of the early design ideas floating around nissan HQ. Untill it comes from nissan, its just speculation!