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Yum yum yum. Took a trip out to my local car book/model/collectables shop Wilkensen's Automobilia to drop off some Speedhunters flyers and look what I came home with…

mmm mmm mmmm…. It spoke to me. Told me that I must bring it home. This is a 1/18 scale model of the 1993 Le Mans winning Peugueot 905 as driven by Christophe Bouchut, Eric Helary and Geoff Brabham.

One thing that is unique about this model is that its made of resin. As a result it has some pretty amazing scale details. Some of the parts have a thin scale to feel to them you wouldn't necessarily find on a metal model. It also makes the rear wing on the car look very delicate! I'll have to be very careful with this car.


:Rod Chong

Wilkensen's Automobilia

Spark Models



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Wow thats really cool! How much did you pay for it?


Looks really nice, great details.


How do they compare to Exoto models? I have three F1 cars on display that are stunning,


Its around a hundred bucks or so which is not bad for a low production run model like this. There are no opening parts though.

Cole I'm not sure how they compare to your F1 models as I don't collect F1 die casts. I will say this though: the rear wing on this car looks very "thin" compared to your average die cast model which brings a real feeling of scale.


I believe the F1 models that I have sell for approx. $300

Exoto do some awesome sports car models too including the Jaguar XJ-R9 LM, Sauber C9 and the Nissan R89C. They are nice to look at normally but they give a real wow factor when you open them up and see the engine bay full of tubes and wiring. They are certainly worth checking out if you like a bit of desk art. Your Peugeot is lovely though, I'm going check out Spark's website now. :)


Lovely model, and at that price, I think it's a steal!


Very very nice.. always loved the 80's and 90's race cars..


Norev also makes the 905 from 92 and 93 for around 50/60 bucks :)