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The new Subaru WRC2008 rally car had a fantastic debut at the Acropolis Rally, taking 2nd place overall at the hands of Petter Solberg. TBH I wasn’t that thrilled when the new Impreza was released. I have a thing against new model cars always being much larger than their predecessors. That said though I have to say I really love the look and style of the WRC2008. Nice machine!

Enjoy the pics.

:Rod Chong

Fantastic photo.

The Acropolis Rally looks pretty tough with many of the competitors running into problem because of the rough surfaces and loose rocks.

Go Petter!

Picture source: Subaru




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Kalimera! These photos are awesome! I can't wait to get back to Greece again so I can hang out with my friends and hopefully shoot Acropolis Rally next time!!! I love Athens......... so awesome!


Seriously great shots... beautiful car also... I want one!


The GRB-chassis is actually smaller and is lighter than the outgoing GDB.


I'm quite surprised the WRC factory backed impreza is missing the big scoop on the bonnet while the PWRC impreza comes with it. any ideas why?


The info I have re: sizing on the old car vs the new one:

New car:

Wheelbase 103.3 in (2624 mm)

Length 173.8 in (4415 mm)

Width 70.7 in (1796 mm)

Height 58.1 in (1476 mm)

Curb weight 3373 lb (1530 kg)

old car:

Wheelbase 2004-05: 100.0 in (2540 mm)

2006-08: 99.4 in (2525 mm)

Length 2004-05: 173.8 in (4415 mm)

2006-08: 175.8 in (4465 mm)

Width 68.5 in (1740 mm)

Height 56.3 in (1430 mm)

Curb weight 3296 lb (1495 kg)


Perhaps I'm just resistant to change in my old age hahah.


Its not sporting a bonnet scoop due to homologation rules. Since its based upon an STi version they would not have enough made to pass this, so as a result its based upon the base model Impreza which doesnt have the scoop.


I saw the car at acropolis rally.I always liked subaru wrc cars and i think this one is pretty good.

As for the rally,it was the toughest acropolis i ever been...

Antonio,Athens is the major city here in Greece but u should also visit Thessaloniki and of corse our islands to really love Greece.



And the PWRC has the bonnet scoop because it has the top mount intercooler as per road car.

Whereas the WRC has front mount making the scoop somewhat obsolete, they did use it for a while as intake scoop in the last model but perhaps isn't proved too useful.