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During the fifth round of Rally America, Team Subaru debuted their new 2008 Impreza driven by Travis Pastrana and Ken Block. They both race for the Subaru Rally Team USA.

The fifth round was held on the Susquehannock Trail in Pennsylvania, the following pictures are from that rally. Ken Block was able to finish the race but Pastrana suffered from damage to the car and had to give up.

How cool is this last shot? The drivers and cars have to drive from stage to stage on the public roads. For more info on the Subaru Rally team or Rally America check out the following links.

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Pastrana is nuts!


Check out those glowing brake rotors.


Pastrana is nuts and Block could drive anything, I LOVE IT!


They should make a computer game about this cool motorsport... oh wait a minute..! :D


i would have chosen a different opening photo, i think there are better pics in the body of this story! but maybe rod & i will try to recreate some of these action pics, as we're driving around New Jersey in a new STi today! haha jk about the action pics, but we'll try to have fun in the car for ya... =)


Awesome! I didn't know there was rallying in the U.S. I wonder where in PA it was? I go up there several times a year for car shows- beautiful countryside.