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When I first game to Japan, one of the things that took me by surprise was the large number of original Mini Coopers that I would see driving around. Since seeing older Minis is pretty rare in the states, I was delighted to see them all over the place here. Then again the original Mini was sold in Japan for a LONG time. I guess when you think about it, the Mini is a perfect choice for zipping around Japan's tiny roads. I also think they have more style and character than a lot of the typical econoboxes found in Japan.

In addition, the Mini makes for a popular choice among weekend racers in Japan. The Idlers Club events in particular feature a strong contingent of track-tuned Minis. Here are some photos I took of the Idlers Minis during the this year's spring race at Tsukuba. Like with a lot of foreign cars here, the Japanese have added their own style to them, and the old school JDM wheels add a nice touch to these Minis.

Now for the photos-

Idlers Club

-Mike Garrett



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Wow, very cool.

Relative of mine owns a 77 Mini 1000, fully restored and with a full audio system. Just damn cool.


a icon..a legend..a mini!!


I fell in love with vintage British cars the first time I went to a british carshow. Love original Minis, not BMW ones. Amazing to think this car was made from the late '50s all the way to 1999! I think only the VW beetle had a longer production run(1936-2004).


Bottom picture - amazing