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I have a lot of car magazines. A lot. In my bedroom, in my bathroom, on the back seat of my car, in my trunk, on top of my desk, and even on top of my TV. In my living room, I have bookshelves and actual retail magazine racks that are home to car magazines from the USA, Japan, UK, Australia, and different parts of Europe. The most cherished magazines in my collection deal with the subject of AE86s, vintage Toyotas, or vintage Japanese cars in general.

So imagine how happy I was to see the first issue of Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine sitting in my mailbox! Ben and Dan Hsu, brothers with a driving passion for vintage Japanese cars finally made their dreams a reality with the Spring 2008 release of their magazine’s premiere issue.

When I congratulated Ben on the first issue of the magazine, he pointed out, “We really couldn’t have made it happen without help from our friends from North America and Australia. They believed in the magazine so much, they volunteered their time to work on this project for free!”

Thumbing through the pages of this magazine, I can’t stress enough how interesting the content is! They have feature articles of course; my favorites included the story about Carroll Shelby’s fully restored Toyota 2000GT SCCA race car, the Mazda Rotary engine 40th anniversary article, and my absolute favorite story – the story of Toyota’s early years in the United States, complete with old photos from the Toyota archives!

Oh and let’s not forget… KPGC10 Nissan Skyline fans (Ahem! Stop calling it a C10 Skyline!) will love the “50 Years of Nissan Skylines” story! Even though I consider myself well versed when it
comes to vintage Japanese cars, I learned sooo much about all aspects of the subject matter they wrote about!

Check out this in depth, intelligent story about the history of Mazda and the rotary engine. These guys really did their homework. Keep an eye out for Japanese
Nostalgic Car Magazine. For those who didn’t stop by the Japanese Nostalgic Car Magazine booth at the Second Annual Motoring J Style show, please make sure to go to to sign up for a subscription! You’ll be glad you did!

-Antonio Alvendia

Motoring J Style



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"(Ahem! Stop calling it a C10 Skyline!)" haha... I've seen it called the C10 on the Nissan press site lol.


then THEY should stop calling it that too. =)


Hey Antonio, maybe your or someone should do a small feature on all the different models of the "C10" Skylines showing the street names and specs of all the models like the sedans and coupes.


great idea ryan! once events slow down for us, we're definitely planning on doing this type of stuff. and stop calling it a C10 already!


I love C10s... and C110s... yum.


stop... calling... it... DAMN, forget it.


hakosuka, ken-meri, yon-meri..


the trick with Antonio is to say "Hakosuka" with a pure American accent. HAK-OOO-SOOOKAA. He loves that.


thank you skylines!!!!!!!!!!!!! you da man!


I got the magazine at MJS caus every person who had a car in the show (my 1973 celica) gota free one. I was so impressed with it. that I subscribed to it, bought the JCCS 2007 DVD and joined their forum! Such a cool group of guys that run the site and the magazine. My favorite Article was bought the rotary's histyory. I didn't know there was so much to them. I especially like how they mentioned that mazda once prouduced a "Rotary Bus" hahaha All in all its a great magazine. if u like oldskool japanese cars or would just to like learn more bout them i would highly recommend subscribing to it. the magazine is a great read! also join their forums!


what?? i didnt get a DVD. who had DVDs?


The JNC guys where selling the JCCS 2007 dvd. they were selling it for 15$


Subscription on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hells yeah!


ok, let's not be gt-r snobs like the rest of the population. the gt-r represents a tiny fraction of the skyline community


What's wrong with C10? People shorten HS30 to S30, HCR33 to R33, BNR34 to R34, RPS13 to S13 etc etc all the time.


Hey Antonio,

Wow, thanks for the great review! With the phenomenal amount of hours and sweat that each of us put into this project (a feeling you fellas at SpeedHunters would be familiar with I'm sure), it's really encouraging and fulfilling to read such a sterling review. If the happy responses from JNC's readers wasn't enough, this certainly caps off a great first issue!

We're all looking forward to shooting issue 2 through to our readers mailboxes (and a hell of a lot more timely than the first issue, damn the printers).

Thanks again

Mike "van" Stevens

Art Director

Japanese Nostalgic Car


"C10" is the easiest way to refer to the Hakosuka in general. The rest of the letters designate whether the car is a sedan or coupe and what trim it is. If I'm not mistaken KPGC10 refers only to the two door GT-R while PGC10 is for the earlier 4-door GT-R. Like Burabuda said, only a small portion of Hakosukas are GT-R's.


Yep, only about 2000, if the JNC mag article is accurate :)


i dont really care if its the easiest way for you guys to refer to it. people dont call it that in real life, only on the internet.