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While Japan's smallest island of Okinawa may not be scattered with race tracks like the mainland, the drifting scene there is still alive and well. Club4AG member and longtime Okinawa resident Chris AKA "Okinawalevin" posted up some photos from the recent twin drift event hosted by Auto Body Miyazato. The event was held on a small course that is known by Okinawa locals as "the bullring". As you can see in the photo above, the event drew a wide variety of cars, but the AE86 looks like one of the favorites of Okinawa's drifters.

Here a few of the photos that Chris posted-

Interesting way to unload a car wouldn't you say?

Some AE86 Levin twin drifting.

This Goodline-equipped Levin looks really nice. Check the intercooler in the front bumper. The Buddy Club wheels are also an interesting choice, I like how they look with aggressive fitment like this.

'Round the clipping point.

Interesting late model headlight conversion on this Red Levin.

More photos can be found in the Club4AG thread below.


Hachi Roku Blog

-Mike Garrett



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Damn, I was right about to post this, I even told Rod about it, but you beat me to it! hahah...

Big ups to Team Hinga and my boy Booney Renfield!


Wow. I don't know if I like that last conversion.

I'd have to take a while to think about it.


Awesome pics dude.


wow those are some cool pics and some nice hichi roku's......man i would love to have one XD


you guys are lucky, you get to "see" drifting events. last one in southern california was a few months ago, but the bleachers were filled up and I couldn't take any pictures. lot of import shows here with hot women, and that's all right, but man, I'd like to get more photos of drifting....


I don't know if I like the N1 fenders on a drift car so much, but I do like them a lot on race cars


good-line always got the goods.....


gb, then go to Just Drift! if you're in southern cali and you wanna SEE drifting! http://www.justdrift.com


Ouch, the way they are unloading that yellow car makes me shudder. BTW, love the BZR headlamp conversion!


The track's at Willow Springs International Raceway. I've been there for Dubwars a while back. Not going back, its far and its really hot.


THe owners of the GoodLine kitted car, JUST opened a AE86 body shop. They'll do a full body restore for $2000 to $3000. They have 5 or 6 shop cars, very nice. I usually do my own bodywork, but at that price, you can't beat it. They'll take out all the rust and relace with metal. Not bondo, like most of the shops here. I had fun, woulda had more fun at the comp, but my car took a crap on me. Got a better motor in her now, next comp, we'll get some better pics. Thank you for the positive feedback and sorry for the late response, just found this.


hey i love what ya'll are doing. i just resently moved to oki for the military and i am just trying to find a place to get started drifting i did it a little back in the states but i only have a 240sx with a stock ka24de crappy motor but i wanna get started any pointers. email me bunit08