Event>> Down & Dirty At Allstarbash 4!

This past weekend, tons of hardcore drifters from all over the West Coast braved the 100+ degree heat in Southern California's Mojave Desert for the JustDrift/Ziptied.com AllStarBash 4, presented by Federal Tires.

I've been working all day on downloading, organizing and selecting my best event photos for you… but since I know everyone's anxious to see pics from this weekend's event, I thought I'd drop a little teaser on you.

Here's my favorite "dirt drop moments" from this weekend's event! As seasoned drifters already know, a "dirt drop drift" is when a driver/car comes out wide and drops one of the rear tires off the paved section of the course. However, some of the cars at the event this weekend ended up dropping not just one, but two, and sometimes all four wheels into the dirt! And let's just say, when I was able to get the shot, it looked pretty spectacular.

Unfortunately for those of us standing trackside, whenever someone's tires went off course, they ended up creating humongous dust clouds, which float through the air, blanketing the photographers in a mixture of dirt and tire dust, which does a great job of sticking to your clothes and skin when you're sweating from the 100+ degree arid heat in the desert. It's even worse when you're wearing sunblock – the tire particles and trackside dirt sticks to your skin like glitter on a stripper's… oh wait. Like uhmm… sprinkes on a cupcake. How's that? And the dirt gets all up in the pores of your skin, not to mention every orifice of your cameras and lenses, if you're a photographer like me. But that's what you need to go through to create these types of images.

Hope you like em, because I'm still trying to scrub the dirt and tire stuff out of my ears!

Here are some of the Group C drivers out on course. They looked like a sliding carnival of S13s and S14s – they were all different colors, but all were rocking aggressive aero kits and wheels (well, most of em), and all of them looked pretty cool driving together; they looked like aggressively shaped Skittles from far away.

When this zenki S14 performed a clean dirt drop, it looked like he ran over a land mine or something – because when his rear wheel dropped off the track, a ton of dirt suddenly shot up vertically in the air! Very cool.

Dave Blunt from San Diego is from a crew called Dirty Thirties. I thought it was a brilliant name for a car crew, as his car is an E30 BMW 325i… and it seems he's living up to the "dirty" part in the photo here. Check out the cars in the grid below – don't they look super cool?

The current teen prodigy in the drifting world, Patrick Mordaunt drops his rear wheel and rear bumper off the course to show the videographer how he gets down! He was driving aggressively all day, constantly sticking to the tail of this red right hand drive RPS13, which was being driven by Alex Pfeiffer! If you don't know any better, Pat may look innocent like a smily, cuddly stuffed animal… but as soon as you put this kid behind the wheel, it's like Gremlins, because he goes bananas on the track! (Note: Pat would like to make it public knowledge that he does not, however, enjoy being called names like "Banana Split," and gets very annoyed and upset when certain people refer to him as such.) See more of Pat and his yellow S14 by watching him on Driver's Ed, his reality show on Riceboy TV, and on his website, www.patrickmordaunt.com.

Another note: If this were at a Formula D event, there's no wayyyyy the SCCA safety marshals would allow someone to film from a runoff spot like that, especially with no barrier or anything! This is grassroots drifting at its finest. Proceed at your own risk!

Those runoff sections opposite the apexes can be very dangerous! My little brother and I were trying to change shooting positions while the track was hot, so we began walking up the mountain so we could shoot from a different turn, and then screeeeeeeeeeeeeechhhh!!! This S14 lost control and hurtled downhill towards us, stirring up big clouds of dust and rocks in the process. I yelled "RUN!!!!!!!!!" to my little brother Dave, but I held my ground and kept shooting for just a bit longer so I could catch this shot.

And again, this S13 Onevia came flying at us as we walked down the hill at the end of the last session! One thing to remember when you're out at the track – never turn your back on a car!

The End.

-Antonio Alvendia

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great coverage antonio. good stuff risking ur life and all to get those nice shots. its all for the greater good. hope u have more pics.


wow sick pics man, lovin them!


great stuff antonio! my favorite kinda drifting events are just like this grassroots one u just attended.


Awesome pics Antonio!!!! I feel dehydrated, dusty and sunburned just looking at them!!! You smell me!


Nice Work HTM!


thanks guys! i'm glad you liked the pics! AllStarBash4 was super dope! Honestly, it was the closest thing to Japan-style private "soukoukai" practice events I've ever seen in the USA! Big ups to all the drivers, sponsors, and of course the organizers!


wow! some fantastic images Antonio! The S13 needs to be a wallpaper :)


which S13 andy? the top one?


WOOHOO!!! S13's!!! Awsome shots of the event! Have any more? Have any info on that gold s13 coupe? lol


Leo: Thanks! and to asnwer your Q's... Yes, and Yes! Coming soon! And tell all your friends about Speedhunters!


your the bomb antonio, always takin sick pix what would the world do without you haha! keep up the good work ur awesome!


I love the colors in the very first photo of that light blue chuki.

Good seein ya.

Thanks for comin out!


wow some pretty crazy and amazing shots.

can't wait to see the rest


Dude...fuckin' awesome. Awesome.


Nice pics Antonio! Where am I ? I know my car isn't "bling" enough right? haha


Antonio! It was TRULY an honor to meet you at ASB... great pics as usual!

where can I find the full set? I'd really like to see the one of my umbrella :)




Thanks alot for the compliments guys! I'll be posting up some new pics of ASB4 real soon!

Geoff: great meeting you too! The full set is only in my computer! And you have to keep checking back on Speedhunters for more updates!

MarkSS: Want me to post up pics of you personally? hahah btw I loved your clean new RPS13! And the rear panel is dope!

JC, drftard, Brian and Dereck: Thanks guys! More photos on the way! I hope someone pls posts this on Ziptied so people can see some of these pics! (I dont have a Ziptied acct)


Nicely done Antonio !...very lively pics. Do you have any pics of peeps drifting on tarmac.......lol


haha thanks Alex! more normal drifting pics coming soon!


Nice man love them it was such a honor being able to shoot next to you my idol.


We've been getting a pretty good response on the photos I shot at the JustDrift/Ziptied All Star


dude it was great chillin with you paul!!!!!!


I LOVE that E30. Killer shot that really portrays the action that was going on.