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Damn!!! Look at this impressive display of tail! There were a ton of Ford GTs in attendance at this past weekend's Cars & Coffee meet in Irvine. I rolled out there with my friends Jover, Mickey, and Scott, who all work in the automotive industry. Jover, Mickey, and Scott had never been to Cars & Coffee… Jover is one of my AE86 friends from Toronto (Canada), Mickey had always been previously out of town every weekend for Falken Tire Motorsports events, and Scott had always been out visiting his Kumho Tire clients or spending time with his newborn baby, Mikala.

Good thing my friends made it out, because their interest in the event motivated me to go too! And it's a good thing we went! I was on the hunt for some cool American musclecars to shoot for Speedhunters, and we definitely saw a ton of them at this weekend's event!

Right as we got there, this GT500 replica of "Eleanor" from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds was leaving the parking lot. Damn, I wonder why these guys were leaving so early?! I tried to stop the owner to talk to him about his car briefly, and he told me that his car would be in the new Fast & Furious 4 movie. Then just as I tried to get more info from him, he had to leave because there were a bunch of old muscle car guys honking at us because they wanted to leave, and we were holding up traffic. Damn, it was only like 7:45 or 8:00am, why are you guys trying to leave before the meet is over? Sheesh.

look at all these Ford GTs! They definitely made a statement when they
all cruised out together… just imagine how bad ass it would look if
you saw like 15 of them cruising the freeway together, at speed! Hell

Orange clean! This Z/28 Camaro looks awesome, don't you agree? I always gravitate towards these cars… I guess I've discovered I'm a Camaro fan.

This Camaro RS was super clean also! These types of cars remind me of a bulkier, more powerful version of my orange 1973 TE27 Corolla SR-5. I liked this Camaro, but I prefer the one in the photo above, because I like the other style of grill better.

Check out this black Camaro Z/28. Im not sure what year it is… maybe 1972? Looks pretty dope! I'd love to see it again, lower, and with wider wheels!

I liked this Firebird as I spotted it from afar – I wanted to walk up close to check out the wheels! However, as I walked closer, I began thinking, it would look even cooler if it were lowered about 4 inches, with wider wheels all around, and lots of camber up front. Damn, I suppose I wish all old school cars had the same stance as my AE86. I'm guessing this car is probably a work in progress, cause it looks like the front end is a bit unfinished and unaligned.

Can anybody guess what kind of wheels these are? Some of my friends had these type wheels on their MA60 (1982) Supras and AE86 Corollas in the past – the 4-lug version of course. We used to find wheels like these, and mesh Enkei 92s on wrecked Mustangs in the junkyard, so my friends would buy them up cheap and use them on their old Toyotas.

Aha! So can anybody gues what kind of car this is? I'll give you a hint… it's NOT a Chevrolet!

Look at how clean this 1967 Mustang fastback is!!! Damnnnnnnnnn!!!

There were newer musclecars in attendance that also sported a classic look! I love the styling of this Mustang – simple and clean, with sporty black stripes on the sides and hood, with a front chin spoiler and foglights in the grill, which reminds you of the old 60s Mustangs… and wheels styled like Minilites to complete the vintage Trans Am racer look. Super cool. I'm not a fan of the rear spoiler though.

This new Shelby Super Snake GT500 Mustang looked super aggressive, even just sitting there. Even though it's styled with a "newer look" than what I normally like, I think it looks super cool.

Any Mopar fans in attendance? Check out this clean Challenger R/T, which appears to have original paint and finish. The owner was nowhere to be found, so I couldn't ask for sure. Just look at those humongous, muscular fenders! This car must have looked pretty mean cruising the streets back in the day when it was new!

This old hot rod had a very clean satin black paint job! What probably stands out to most people is the impeccably shiny, detailed Cadillac engine sitting up front, but I mainly really liked the wheels. Very nice car!

-Antonio Alvendia

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The yellow car which is NOT a Chevrolet is a 1960 Toyota Toyopet. This one belongs to Mooneyes and has a small block Chevy v8 under the hood. If I remember correctly it has a sweet set of ITB's on it. My dad has three of these, so I've become accustomed to spotting them now.


A Toyota? Wow, I was thinking Ford. More pics of the yello Toyo? Thanks for posting more muscle.


WOW! Marc got it right on the first try! I'd be interested in seeing your dad's collection... are they in Southern Cali?


@Antonio, my dad is the guy who won best of show at Toyotafest this year with his 1958 Toyopet. He currently has two other Toyopets, a 1958 and a 1963.

I think you may be interested in the build we are considering for the other two.

@hechtspeed, you can more pictures of the Mooneyes Toyopet here: http://www.mooneyesusa.com/news/023.htm


@Antonio the car is located in Arizona, in Tempe.


Marc, can you pls send me your contact info privately?


Woot, I don't care what I hear about these cars having no handling, they look sexay!!!


@Antonio, I couldn't find an email on here, so I sent a message to your myspace.


I'm pretty sure those wheels on that orange Firebird were from the late 80's Trans Am GTA's. I always thought it was a real nice looking, classic mesh-style wheel. Pretty sweet idea finding the Mustang wheels at the junkyard too! Awesome photos, as usual!


Thanks Marc! Uhm.... which Myspace did you send it to? haha ok I guess I better check em all. Ever since we launched Speedhunters, I havent really had much time for Myspace, so I've been lagging on checking it.

350 Joe: No, I dont think they're the TransAm GTA wheels. I know exactly what wheel you're thinking of, and I think they look awesome... in fact, they recently remade those wheels in bigger, more modern sizes!!!

However, these wheels are from a Japanese maker. I wonder if anyone will guess....

Thanks for the props on the photos! Glad to see you like em! =)


Mesh rims? They were made by a lot of different brands!

First of all we have the popular SSR reverse mesh rims, but you can distinguish them easily.

Then we also have several BBS mesh rims, but I don't see any BBS axle caps on them.

Epsilon mesh wheels were also a popular option, but they are 3 piece rims

Then there is also Enkei, Hayashi and Riken who made these mesh wheels.

I did find this article upon 80s Mustangs:


Looking at those three pics I'd say it would defintely be the Rikens on the Firebird. ;)


Banpei, your post is awesome! I'm glad we have readers who can distinguish mesh wheels! However, those wheels... I don't think they're Rikens. Look at the end of the spoke. I believe them to be Hayashi mesh, with the stepped lip.


I think that hotrod in the last pic might not have a real Caddy engine in it. A lot of hot rodders adapt vintage Cadillac or Oldsmobile "Rocket" valve covers to more modern engines. The early Cadillac OHV V8s middle cylinders shared a single exhaust port, like a Ford flathead, meaning the exhaust manifold/headers have only three tubes per side. If that is a Caddy engine, it must be a later big block like a 500.


By the way, Antonio, yes there's at least one Mopar fan here. I'm looking forward to Chryslers at Carlisle in Pennsylvania. It's a huge National event with thousands of examples of vintage Mopar Iron. Imagine seeing lines of several hundred Challengers and 'Cudas. Can't wait!


Bobberz: Thanks for the info, I didn't know about the engine thing, I'm still learning here... (my background is in Japanese cars, as you can probably tell). Damn the Chryslers at Carlisle sounds like a cool event! I wish we could have someone cover it for us!


...dude. i havent done so much before 8 in the morning EVER in my life.

goodtimes bro! next time you head out, let me know. im down.


no kidding scott! we were pretty damn productive that day. i'm down to go get more OJ right now. and kelvin told me about this other spot down the street that i wanna try too!


That was an awesome morning!, I can't believe all the hot rides that were there, thanks for showing me the spots Antonio! Ain't no car show like that up here in Toronto, nevermind "just" a car meet.


That is my orange Firebird. The wheels are off of a 88 Trans AM GTA. They are the factory wheels from GM and were made in Japan. They are relatively light and I have always liked the look. And yes, the car itself is a work in progress, the front end on these are a PITA to line up, And a 2 inch drop is in the plans.

Cant wait for Saturday morning!


backwards facing mr. horsepower woodpeckers on the flat black hot rod...fail!