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Hello again everyone, it's Naoto Suenaga from Team Orange. For this post, I'd like to talk about the Ebisu Spring Drift Matsuri (festival) that was held this May at my workplace, Ebisu Ciruit. I will also describe a little about the different courses at Ebisu. The big Drift Matsuri events are held at Ebisu three times each year with one in the spring, summer, and fall. Normally, the east and west courses at Ebisu are not used for drifting, but for two whole days during the Drift Matsuri ALL eight of the Ebisu Courses are open for as much drifting as you want!

For each Drift Matsuri event, over 500 drift cars from all over Japan gather at Ebisu! Popular cars at the event include the AE86 and Silvia, but there are also other rare and classic cars. This makes the Drift Matsuri a great place for spectators.

This is the paddock at the south course. One big feature of the Drift Matsuri is the large number of drift teams that drive at the events. This cars in this photo are part of the group from Chiba Prefecture known as Team Green.

This is the drift school course. During the Drift Matsuri all eight courses are filled with people and they all have a very lively feel. During the event the courses are open for drifting throughout the night so some people bring tents and camp out in the pits.

This is the paddock at the south course. This course is very popular for older cars and it's always packed with the masters of AE86 and AE70 Corolla drifting.

This is the first corner of the Ebisu west course. Normally this course is not open for drift. Only during the Drift Matsuri is drifting allowed on this course. Cars enter this corner in fourth gear!

Changing tires? This AE86 Levin belongs to Goto-san of Team Kassosuso from Yamanashi Prefecture. He always comes to the Drift Matsuri in this "old style" Levin with no rear hatch. The wind must feel really refreshing in the cockpit of this car!

Looks like drive shaft trouble. They are changing it by themselves!

This is the south course. Look at those big fog lights! They are used for night drifting.

This one is known as the touge course. Since the course is like an actual touge, it is very challenging but also very fun.

Here's the first corner of the east course. Like the west course, this one is only open for drifting during the matsuri. Cars also enter this corner in fourth gear.

This course is called kuru kuru (spinning) land. It is very popular for beginners. You can see the long line of cars waiting to enter the course. Here you can practice freely with the pylons.

This is the first corner of the north course, an area that has many enthusiastic fans. For this year's Spring Drift Matsuri, we held a special 3-run mini-event at this course.

This is the paddock at north course. Look at all the drift cars!

It's a Toyota Estima! They were even drifting in cars like this.

In the evening we had a BBQ where event participants were able to eat for free. Everyone says its delicious (right Antonio?) so we do the BBQ at every event.

So that is our big two day event. Antonio, Calvin, and Ben have all been to the Drift Matsuri in the past and they really enjoyed it!

If I have time, join in with my special matsuri car. Sometimes the owner Kumakubo also joins in with his practice car. It's a really fun event so please come and join us sometime. I bet it will be a very fun two days for you!

If you would like to know more about this event, please e-mail me at .

Well, that's it for now. See you again next time!

Ebisu Circuit

-Naoto Suenaga



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Harumatsuri iiiiiii ne!!! Ebisu ni ikitaiiiiii.

Ebisu Circuit is the magical land of where drifting is pure. It's like a time warp back to the glory days of drifting in the late 1990s. The AE86s in the photo are my good friends from the drift team PEAK, from Kanagawa! They keep the spirit of pure drifting alive, and definitely Live The 86 Life.

Maybe you guys might want to see what my photos from Ebisu's Spring Drifting Festival look like? Since Naoto only owns a small crappy camera. Who wants to see them?


I have never been one to turn down pictures of drifting at Ebisu...


Let's see those shots Antonio..the Ebisu Spring Drifting Festival sounds like it was mad cool.


Oh btw, I dig the top photo! Cipher Garage represent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Post 'em up Antonio !


Lets see those pics!!!! Btw, can somebody tell me what kind of car that is in the bottom left corner (just behind the wall and by the tree branches) of the fourth photo down from the top. I can't place it, but I love the look and lines of it.


looks like an old school Nissan maybe? S12?


or a old celica notch back...?


It's not an S12 Silvia guys, Juson is right. It's a Celica coupe, and it's driven by a GIRL! She drifts with it, and she is a good driver!! I'll try to post some pics later on!


What about the AA63/TA63 Carina on the same pic? Any more info about that? :P


that celica caught my eye the second i saw it. yes it is a celica notchback. its a 3rd gen. i love the oldkool toyota symbol vinyl it has on its hood. if u could post more pics of it and the rest of the even antonio id be much be very thankful.


wat date next year, myself and a few friends are plannin to go over for while.

if we could get over when this runnin it would be unreal :D