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As the time attack movement continues to spread around the world, we want to showcase some of the different series and the types of cars that can be found in them. What better place to start than in the UK where the Time Attack Championship is done on a greater scale than anything in the United States or even Japan, the so-called “birthplace” of time attack as a motorsport.

Of the 105 entries on the roster of the Time Attack Championship, the cars are split into pro and club classes based on the level of car modification. Entrants in the club class are further split into forced induction and naturally aspirated groups.

Just like in other countries, the UK Time Attack’s Japanese roots are visible as soon as you take a look at its car roster. It is dominated by Japanese cars and all wheel drive turbocharged models in particular. The ease of car importation into the UK is a big reason for the large amount of older Japanese cars in the series. However, that’s not to say that you won’t find other types of cars competing in the events. With this post I also want to share a few of the unique cars that can be found competing alongside the many Imprezas, Evos and Skylines.

Starting in the pro class you have the Roger Clark Motorsports Impreza driven by driven by Olly Clark. To classify this is car as “professional” would be an understatement. The chassis for this car is WRC-spec and with 850hp nitrous-injected horsepower on tap, you can bet this car is one of the top runners in the series. For more on this beast make sure you have a look at our recent video feature on it.

Another one of the heavily modified Imprezas in the pro class is the widebody GC8 coupe from Zen Performance.This particular car is equipped with a race-built 2.4L fed by a GT40R turbine. You know Zen has their stuff together when Team Orange chose them as the partner for their EDC venture.

In stark contrast to the Evos and Imprezas commonly found at the top of the pro class, you have the Guglielmi Motorsport Lotus Elise driven by Steve Guglielmi. Propelling the featherweight 760kg carbon-bodied Elise is a turbocharged and nitrous-fed 1.9L that makes 450hp before nitrous. I can only imagine how challenging this car must be to drive.

Due to its blazing neon yellow paint, one of the most eye-catching cars in the pro class is the RC Developments Evo6 driven by Jamie Stanley. Modifications include a 2.4L stoker kit with an RC Developments race turbo kit and a rear-mounted radiator.

The Garage Whifbitz FD3S RX7 of Darren Robinson is one of two FD’s that compete in the pro class. The race-built rotary is fed by a  GT42RS turbine. The car’s grippy rubber is wrapped around a set of handsome and light Advan RS forged wheels.

Another pro class GC8 Impreza is this one driven by Duncan Tappy. Like most of the cars in the pro class, it is equipped some very serious aerodynamic parts. Look at the size of those rear canards!

The most unique car in the class has to be the Toyota Celica driven by Adrian Smith. Since Toyota doesn’t really have a car that can compete with the likes of the Evo and Impreza, this Celica was customized to do the job. It is packing a 650hp 3SGTE, a straight cut transmission, and most crazy of all, an AWD conversion. Nuts!

The RK Tuning BNR32 is one of the most heavily modified Skylines in the series. The car’s fully built RB26 is fed by a large T51 turbine.  In the photo you can see the flared fenders that accommodate the wide Volk Racing CE28N wheels.

The GBH Motorsport S14 200SX (Silvia) driven by Bob Parker is the only S-chassis entrant in the pro class. Besides the S15 “strawberry face” front end conversion, the car is sporting a stroked SR20DET with an HKS T04Z turbo.

You probably recognize this car from the recent feature Antonio did on it. It is the Evo9 driven by Lee Broadhurst and It’s powered by 2.3L race engine that makes over 750hp! If you want the rest of the details be sure to check out the feature story.

Next up we will take a look at the club class. Like many other racing series such as Super GT, the class with the less extreme cars has a little more variety among the competitors.

This JZA80 Supra piloted by Steve Linton is one of two Garage Whifbitz-sponsored Supras that compete in the club class. This livery design reminds me of the one used by Cusco.


This E36 BMW M3 EVO driven by Damon Gray is one of just a handful of European cars that compete in the Time Attack Championship.

Another one of the Euro entries is this Porsche GT3 RS driven by Tim Chandler that competes in the naturally aspirated class. Even with minor modifications, this street legal car is still outputting close to 400hp.

There are not many front wheel drive cars in the Time Attack series, but Paul Hughes’ DC5 Integra equipped with a full catalog of Buddy Club parts shows that Honda cars should not be overlooked when it comes to time attack.

While not as wild as the Imprezas found in the pro class, Kev Horsley’s four door GC8 is one of the top cars in the club class. It is running a 2.3L engine with a GT35R turbine.

The main rival of Horsley’s Impreza in the club class is this M.A. Developments Evo6 driven by Kev Atkins. The 4G63 is stroked to 2.2L and is equipped with a GT40/88 turbine.

This mean looking flat black FD3S RX7 driven by
Craig Winstanley is powered by a built Chevrolet LS1 V8. It is one of the top finishers in the NA division of the club class.

Speaking of V8’s, let’s finish up with James McDonald’s club class big block 427 Cobra. Talk about unique!

That should give you a nice overview of the types of cars you can find in UK Time Attack competition. Be sure to check the official Time Attack site for a full car roster.

Time Attack Championship (Photos courtesy of Rich Sams)

-Mike Garrett



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great looking cars! the elise is sick


I spent many weekends watching Steve Guglielmi in TVR Tuscans. Duncan Tappy, another driver who has transfered over from 'traditonal' circuit racing


...and is the 'Zen Performance' Impreza driven by "T.Ferrier", a guy called Tom Ferrier? If so, another 'trad'!

If so, he raced inthe BTCC last year, and prior to that one-make series and British GTs


K-sport sticker on the Tein impreza. sucks how you have to run event sponsors stickers. K-Sport is like Rota of the suspension market


Can't wait to go see these guys at Oulton Park on the 5th of July, an awesome line up to look forward to.


That 22B is SEXY !!! I read about that car a while ago, and like you said Mike, that car is beyond over-built ! Just awesome !

One car is missing though. Norris' chopped up EVO....:-(


You can find more infos about the Feensport Celica on

It's a really awesome car, i would love to see a feature about it!


Wow all of them = love :D