Video>>car Tour#7: Tanaka Racing Corvette

For the next few car tours, we are going to be exploring the iconic high horsepower, high torque muscle cars that are currently dominating much of the grids in stateside Formula Drift events. V8 power is a big trend in US drifting; whether shoehorning a big block into a Saturn Sky chassis or building out a pony car Mustang. It's pretty challenging for a high revving turbo car to compete with these torque heavy beasts with their on tap wheel spin.

The Tanaka Racing Corvette is fast becoming force to be reckoned with in the American drift scene. IMO it's quite a majestic beast; the Vette looks and sounds great on the track. There is nothing like the below of a V8 on full song is there?

I'd like to thank Conrad Grunewald for taking the time to show us around the car. He's quite the trooper considering how hot it was under the New Jersey sun. Must have been roasting in his driver suit!

Enjoy the film! More coming soon!

:Rod Chong



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Man what a great feature!

I wasnt really into American cars drifting at first but you know what, I'm down for it. I would've loved to see him go up against JR.


i love how that corvvette sounds! great coverage u guys. yeah the v8 have alota torque on tap at low rpms but some people like it better that they have to floor it to go sideways


Great coverage, awesome driving!!

Way to go Conrad !


do you have any more pics i cant find them any more


American muscle (car & driver)!!!!

It is great to see my brother do what he does, always pushing the limit.

Keep up the great job, Conrad


Ben we'll be doing a Car Feature on this car in the next week or so.


any chance you could put it today ;)


Ahh only Antonio can tell you when he is planning to put that story up.... Antonio?


calm down ben, it's coming soon, dont worry! it takes a while to put these things together...!


lol im calm man, its all good i can wait just as easy.


By now you must have seen my fellow Speedhunter Mike Garrett's posting on " The Cars of the


hey does anyone know the name of the song in the video ?