Car Tour#5>>samuel Hubinette Dodge Charger

The Drift Limo is gone long live the Drift Limo!

Two time Formula Drift Champion Samuel Hubinette may have switched back to his trusty Viper for the 2008 Formula Drift Season but his 2007 car will be certainly remembered.  It was one machine that always got a reaction from the crowd.

The Charger was quite an unlikely choice of drift car given its sheer size and mass. I have to tip my hat (and I do like wearing hats) to Samuel for what he achieved with this car in the short period of time he was running it!

Anyway let's hear what Samuel has to say about this beast of a machine.

Drift ya later!

:Rod Chong

PS: BTW if there are any particular Formula Drift cars you want to see films on let us know ASAP!

Samuel Hubinette Official Blog



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Absolute beast of a car. Wasn't Sam supposed to be switching to the new Challenger soon?


yeah he is switching although the car is still some time away AFAIK


Fantastic feature. Keep up the great work and feature any car you think is worthy. You seem like enthusiasts doing it for enthusiasts, so I'm sure you know what we want!


That is a great video. I hope to see more. I would love to see one on the Mustang and JR.


I would love to see a classic muscle car drift i think it would grab everyones attention, I know it would be a difficult tast to accomplish but i think Sam has the skill for it. Imagen a 1969 charger


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