Car Tour#4>>sumo Power Skyline Gtr

This film causes me and the rest of the video dept at NFS pain every time we watch it. The reason being is that a small stone hit the lens of our HD camera while filming this and made a small chip. Luckily you can’t see the chip when shooting, but still, it was a really stupid mistake on my part not to put a filter on the lens. Urgh! :<

If you watch carefully you can see when the lens got hit by the small stone. So kiddies the lesson of the day is: when filming 1000 bhp drag cars from behind, make sure your lens is protected!

So moving on……

The builder, driver and owner of this car, Andy Barnes will be keeping us updated over the course of the year on his progress with the car and his quest to become the fastest 4WD GTR in the world.
To check out his driver blog just click on the “driver blog” tab on the top of this page.

1000bhp. Awesome!

:Rod Chong

Andy Barnes Blog Entry1

Andy Barnes Blog Entry2



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Bring that bad boy to the STATES!


Wow!....thats serious!!


damn that car is sick......and wow that sucks that a rock chip flew in to your camera.


Fuuuuuuuuuuuujin! Rock chip or no rock chip, the video is awesome. And anyway, we shoot motorsports. You should see how beat up my equipment is! My cameras are all full of tire particles and stuff like that!

That's okay - mint condition equipment is for amateurs! We USE our stuff just like the drivers use their cars!

But yeah, uhh... filter next time! haha! =)


That car is ridiculous. I've seen a few burnouts, but that isn't even earthly.


I see you've done some wheightsaving by cutting your hair! ;D


Nice GTR but you'll have to doulble the HP to beat Reese McGregor in the Heat Treatments GTR 7.57 @182mph