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Man, this car was sure fun to drive! To be completely up front with you, I don't have a ton of photos of this car – because most of the time I spent with it, I decided to drive it rather than document it.

The car you're looking at is a JZS161 (in the USA, it's a Lexus GS300 or GS400, depending on which engine it has) – a fairly common car to see in Southern California. Especially in the area where I live, I see a ton of VIP "work in progress" JZS161s, and even **sigh** some "donk" style ones. You know, the ones where they don't lower the car at all, they just try to fit the biggest possible chrome rims on the car, without lowering it. Making the car even higher than it was to begin with. Oh man. Not my style. Not at all!

Anyway, what makes this GS special is not the body kit on the outside… it's the beauty that lies within! It has a heart of gold – a Toyota 2JZGTE engine (FYI, same engine as a JZA80 Toyota Supra Turbo).

If you've ever read an import car magazine at all, you would know that XS Engineering specializes in high performance tuning and engine swaps… and this particular JZS161 happens to belong to the owner of XS Engineering, Eric Hsu. Don't get it twisted – this black GS isn't a show car, or even a shop demo car… it's a street car meant for driving!

Okay, even if it is automatic… this car really was made with the driver in mind! It's luxurious enough for those of us who have lowered cars with tires stretched over wide wheels… but this GS is sports minded as well! It has stiff coilover suspension, Work Rezax wheels, and Falken FK-452 tires.

In the short time I spent with this car (I was allowed to borrow it because I was supposed to be doing a photo shoot with it, hehe), I honestly spent less time shooting this car than I normally do on other cars! (Sorry XS, I'm just being honest here!) Instead, I spent the majority of my time with the car cruising down Southern California's freeways, waiting for the lane in front of me to clear up so I could put the pedal to the floor and feel the boost! *Whoooooooooooooshhhhhhhh!!!"

This 161 may be automatic, but the turbocharged 3.0 liter 2J sure is fun to drive with! It's such a great "everyday" style street car… it doesn't attract too much attention from cops, and certainly looks clean enough to attract members of the opposite sex. But the best part is, when you're late to a business meeting, you can just grip the steering wheel, smash the throttle, and feel the supple Lexus leather of the GS's seats push into your back like a good masseuse! And with an XS Engineering built turbocharged 2JZ under the hood, this GS is sure to give you a happy ending.

Hit up XS Engineering if you want them to make one for you! And hit me up if you're down to let me drive it! (I'll even take a photo or two, I promise!)

-Antonio Alvendia

XS Engineering

Falken Tires

Work Wheels from 5Zigen USA



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Loving this car's stance. Maybe you all could cover the 1,000ps Aristo that does D1 in Japan. I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.


more pics please =D


tease! where are my engine bay pics?????


Walter is right.

This car is sick tho. Thanks for the PIC.


damn! i knew everyone was gonna say wth Antonio, where are the engine bay pics! i didn't shoot any, I'm sorry! like it says, i was busy DRIVING! super funnnnn!!! hahaha =)

sorry guys, i shot this pic a few years ago, but I'll try harder next time, ok! dont wanna get flamed by you guys! LOL

oh and BTW, WalterH and Section09, you guys are totally right. Inose's D1SL JZS161 is off the chain dope as hell. you guys want me to try and do a full shoot on it next time i go to japan? (my next trip isn't too far away actually...?)


Antonio if you got a full shoot with Inose that would be.....awesome. Definitely worthwhile and it defines to be what I think a true Bippu/Drift machine. And then kills it with 1,000ps to the face.


haha WORD. i'll work on it k!

but hey! Walter, pls stop saying "bippu" i hate that term! lol


oh yeah, and how pissed at me would you be if i said, "here's inose's drift JZS161 Aristo... but instead of shooting photos of the car, i spent most of my time DRIVING it, sorry guys!" LOL jk i wont do that to you. well, i'll try not to. hahahaha


If you drove Inose's Aristo and didn't shoot it I would be impressed if you were alive. I saw that video of him crushing himself into a wall and glass going everywhere. And then I would be a "tad" upset.


Makes me want one...BTW....whats BIPPU?


Daryl, "bippu" is a jdm rice term for VIP. "VIPPU" "BIPPU" get it?


I thought it's Japanese for "Gangster".


Cool! How much power and torque?


Didn't know I was being such a ricer...Although I do have an APC decaled and winged car. Because they are awesome....only joking...hahahaha


Sounds like a drink BIPPU BOBA! Thanks ANTONIO. get better..the weather isn't gonna help in NYC.


man i need more info on this car, body kit? rims? and the offset on the rims? can anyone point me to a site that has more info on this car, i been lookin everywhere....