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As you could see from my previous posts, I'm a real JDM car enthusiast.  But I sure like to look at other cars when they are built properly and with a certain flair. In Europe the Volkswagen has a strong following, funny thing is that I see a lot of pictures from US built cars that try to look like the German built cars. Stretched tires and small rims and of course as low as possible.

I still have a soft spot for the Mk1 Golf. No outrageous body kits or flashy colors just a nice and clean looking car that you can use as daily driver.

The Porsche rims are very popular in Europe, you can see them any type of car. The wheels on this particular car Clubsport finished in chrome to give that little bit extra.

Smoked taillights go well with all silver finish of the car. It looks more like a complete restoration, but you see that you can achieve very much with very little.

Standard looking engine bay with the GTI 1.8 DOHC 16v with 110ps.

Thanks to Lennart Dijkstra at Snapriot for these awesome pictures.



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Wow! This Golf is suuuper clean! I love it! Awesome find, Jeroen!


I have a place in my heart for Golf/GTi/Rabbit's done up nice like this. I'm trying to gather a small collection to send to you Antonio that I think you and everyone who frequents this site will enjoy. Check out, great forum.


I love the the color of this car and am starting to pay more attention to European hot hatches more. I simply cannot agree with the wheels though. They look rather large on the MK1 to me but it may just be something that takes time to get use to.


I gotta agree with Walter, the wheels look terrible


One of my favorite vehicles of all time and this is a good example. What a great classic. I can't believe how clean the engine bay is and the paint is great. I would have kept the stock taillights IMO and gone with a smaller rim choice but Porsche wheels are always a nice touch. Well done, and great find.


I think this car should be a bit lowered, and maybe with a VR6 swap, then it would be perfect.

I remember when I used to live in Switzerland in the early '90....everyone was into Opel Kadett, Calibra's, the VW Polo 16V, and of course the venerable Golf G60.....those were the days. And everyone was into slamming the car, super aggressive negative camber, super stretched tires, Remus exhausts.....yada yada yada.....good times.


hm, I agree with you guys, I would have preferred to run super deep offset, smaller wheels if it were my own car... however, i think the car itself is super clean, and it's pretty hard to find such clean examples when the car is old, dont you think? i mean, come onnnnn!!!! look how clean that engine bay is!!! and the interior?! damn!

hechtspeed: by all means, please collect some photos and send em to me!


Antonio, this clean are PLENTY in Europe. If you go to car shows (like HIN here, but on a smaller scale)'ll fine cars as clean and even cleaner....

Especially in Germany.....


Very nice.. Clean and tidy and not over the top. Looks good


The 1.8-16V is 139 PS ! Only the standard 1.6-8V engine is 110 PS (112 for the 1.8-8V).